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Why A Multipurpose Tent Makes Sense

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Savvy humans know that single purpose solutions will only get you so far. Smart designs that meet multiple demands save money and time, and open up a world of possibilities. It's why a Leatherman tool wins hands-down over a pocket knife, and why smartphones quickly conquered the mobile game. And it's why a multipurpose canvas tent makes so much sense.


The brightly lit interior of a canvas multipurpose tent with a center pole and unzipped windows and door.

Real Life Uses For Multipurpose Tents

Let's time travel for a moment. It was Spring 2020, social distancing and shelter in place were in effect. All of a sudden, our home spaces became much tighter quarters, and a lot of them smelled like sourdough. If you had a multipurpose tent it could have been set up in about 20 minutes and stayed up all year. It would have added space to breathe, to rest, to work, and to play in any weather or pandemic situation. What if it were to happen again? 

One multipurpose tent can solve for shelter in place needs, and also offers a solution for so many more everyday situations. In this article we offer a sampling of real life situations where a multipurpose tent just makes sense. We also have included tips for finding the right tent for you, and a price comparison so you can see how the math adds up.

Let's explore what you can do with a multipurpose tent!


A multipurpose canvas tent can sleep an entire family. It sets up and packs up quickly, and can be used in all seasons and types of weather, even wind and snow. And because it's constructed from high quality, durable materials, the same tent will still be serving your family for decades to come.

A nighttime scene with a lit up canvas family tent against a backdrop of silhouetted trees.


Give your guests a space of their own. A multipurpose tent becomes a beautiful room for hosting guests in privacy and comfort. Have friends over for the holidays or offer shelter to someone in need. Everyone deserves a roof over their heads, and a multipurpose tent is a great solution that's nimble, durable, and convenient.

Inside a canvas tent that's been set up as a guest room, looking out through the unzipped door at a house across the lawn.


We are in a new age where working from home is not only more common, it's encouraged. A multipurpose tent creates a versatile tent office that has power access for your computer, and can be heated or cooled depending on the season. Your house can then remain your home, and your office is only a few steps out the back door.

A desk is set up inside a canvas multipurpose tent with a power cord going through the access port and a man is sitting at the desk in front of a laptop.


Whether temporary or long-term, we all have items that need to be tucked out of site for storage. A multipurpose storage tent is less expensive than a rental unit, and more convenient because you can put it exactly where you need it. Save the garage space for the car, and the tool shed for the lawn mower. A storage tent will protect your goods through any weather.

A stack of boxes and totes inside a canvas storage tent.


What is a breathing room? Anything you need it to be! A canvas multipurpose tent creates a tranquil space for yoga and meditation practice. Canvas tents are increasingly being used by wellness practitioners, yogis, and therapists because the tents are sturdy, private, and also welcome in the healthy benefits of natural light.

A woman in yoga clothes sits on a meditation cushion sipping water and looking out the mesh walls of a canvas multipurpose tent.


Ring a ding ding, you'll love the celebrations you can have with a multipurpose tent! Kids' birthday parties, solved. Have an elopement ceremony with simple elegance. Create an outdoor reception and use the tent for a coat check, or as a photobooth! A single canvas tent can be the wedding venue or the dressing room, the slumber party space, or the karaoke party room. It can host everything from high tea to hangouts. And since a canvas tent will last for decades, there's plenty of time to party.


A canvas tent allows in ample light that's soft and diffused, making it ideal for an artist's space. Zippered walls can be opened to reveal mesh panels, allowing ventilation while keeping out the dust and debris. Set up on location for plein air painting, or create a more permanent studio for art of all kinds. Power ports and a spacious interior provide artists and makers with an inspiring and functional space to create their masterpiece!

A pair of hands unzips the mesh panels of a canvas tent to show how it opens up completely.


A multipurpose tent is an essential component of an emergency preparedness kit, serving as shelter, critical supply storage, and even point of distribution. Even if you don't have plans to keep a canvas tent up for regular use, such as a backyard guest room or office space, a multipurpose emergency tent should be ready to go along with all other supplies. The tent packs up tidy inside a sturdy duffel. Store it near your other emergency supplies such as water (a gallon per person, per day), shelf stable food and cooking utensils, clothing and bedding, first aid and sanitation, tools, and communication and lighting devices.  

A disassembled canvas tent is put away inside an off white duffel bag with the black footprint bag leaning against it.


If that list of real life uses weren't long enough, a multipurpose tent can also be a means to make money. A canvas tent rental is in high demand for campers, glampers, festival-goers, party hosts, and even therapists wanting to create immersive nature spaces for clients. Canvas tent rentals can quickly help pay for the modest initial investment, and the economy of sharing means other people get to make memories with your tent! 

Single Purpose vs Multipurpose Price Comparison

If you have a lot of plans, ideas, or needs, a multipurpose tent is the smartest solution financially. Invest once in a high quality, durable canvas tent and you're done. Or, you could go a la carte, buying single purpose solutions for all things camping, storage, emergencies, office, and guest room.

That math and price comparison looks something like this:

MULTIPURPOSE CANVAS TENT (sleeps 8, all seasons, lasts for decades) $1700, single purchase
FAMILY CAMPING TENT (sleeps 8, 1-2 seasons, lasts <5 years) $350 - $1200, repeat purchase
GUEST ROOM - TINY HOME $100 - $300 per square foot 
STORAGE UNIT RENTAL $100 - $300 / month
HOME OFFICE ADDITION $20k - $30k minimum



What will be the best tent size for you? A 16' (5 Meter) canvas bell tent is the most popular size with 212 square feet of interior room. It's a fully customizable space, equivalent in size to a small studio apartment, open to possibility. The question you'll find yourself asking will be "What CAN'T I do with this multipurpose tent?!". You can compare other standard tent sizes alongside canvas bell tent sizes in this tent guide. And if you need any assistance, please ask! We love the inTents life.
A graphic that details the layout of a 16' canvas bell tent.



There isn't much that you would need to buy in order to maximize your multipurpose tent. The basics that you'll need are:

That's it! Your multipurpose tent is then ready to go. It will be your new family camping tent, guest room, portable office, art studio, breathing room, storage space, emergency shelter, party room, money-maker, and more. 

Ready to get going? Check out these other handy how-to articles:

What will you do with your multipurpose tent? Share your photos and videos of your canvas tent in action! We can't wait to see what you dream up.

Kelli Martinelli
Kelli Martinelli

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