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Hunters need a tent that is rugged and designed for the all weather conditions. This is where Life Intents can help. During cold weather you can add a wood stove through the built-in stove jack. Our hunting tents can be set-up in 20 minutes and pack down into a 45 inch duffel bag for easier transport then a wall tent. Rain in the forecast? Not to worry, as the canvas and fully enclosed floor are waterproof. Find the best hunting tent for you today and we'll ship it FREE to 48 states in the USA.


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As you plan your next hunting trip, you can't help but to get excited thinking about the road trip, getting your camp dialed in, the crisp air, crackling fire, and a cold one with your buddies. Choosing the right hunting tent to bring with might cause anxiety, but we are here to help. You understand that a deer camp tent will allow you to stay warm and dry. A canvas wall tent might be the historical choice among hunters and outfitters, but canvas bell tents are quickly being seen as a bit more practical for the sportsman for a basecamp home.

Why Bring A Bell Tent On Your Hunt?

  • It's More Portable Tent: The entire tent can pack down into a single duffle bag.
  • Our Hunting Tents Are Weatherproof: Rain won't be a concern! Plus our tents can withstand up to 50 mph winds.
  • The Canvas Is Fire Retardant: So you can add a wood stove through the built-in stove jack.
  • Plenty of Room For Gear: We offer tents that provide between 200-300 sq feet of space and have 10'-11' ceilings.

Our Hunting Tent Features

Strongest Canvas: We make our outfitter tents with super thick, 11.5oz cotton canvas. You can shop around and won't find a thicker canvas on another tent. The thickness helps to insulate better from the cold and chatter from outside. It also makes it stronger to help protect again rips. Bell tents only.

Stove Jack: Each bell tent has a built-in stove jack that makes is easier to install a stove with your tent.

Reliable Zippers: We use quality SBS zippers on our hunting tents to ensure that opening and closing your doors and windows will not give you grief on in the wild.

Durable Hardware: Our ground stakes and tent poles are hefty - helping to endure wind, rain and snow while your hunting tent is in use.

Ventilation Points: Though our canvas itself is breathable, to ensure that our hunting tents and comfortable, we've incorporated ceiling vents. Additionally there are plenty of windows that you can crack open as necessary to allow moisture and heat to escape.

Bug Proof: The mesh on each hunting tent window and door won't even let no-see-ums through! Just make sure to zip your door closed so nothing else can crawl, slither or walk in.

Waterproof Floor: The PVC floor on our tents is attached to the canvas wall so you won't need to install this during set-up. The floor is made of a strong rip-stop material that even extends up the wall a few inches to help protect you from any standing water that your tent may be on.

Double Stitched Seams:All connections canvas points of our hunting tents are reinforced with double stitching to provide greater strength to our hunting structures.

Hunting Tent FAQs

How much do your hunting tents weigh?

Since many of our tents are large, spacious, and made of canvas, they are not light enough to carry in on your back. Depending on the size, one of our tents will weigh between 60 lbs. - 150 lbs. with the poles. However our tents do pack down in a single bag, so they can be dropped off at your site or loaded onto an RTV.

Will my hunting tent come with a stove?

Most of our tents are stove compatible, being that they are fire retardant, and have a built-in stove jack. However a wood stove needs to be purchased separately. We do offer one in our shop.

Can I add a rain fly over you hunting tents?

The short answer is yes. However once a fly cover is installed, a wood stove is difficult to use, as the fly cover is not fire retardant and does not have a built-in stove jack hole. Therefore you'd want to customize an exit point on the walls for the stove pipe while at hunt camp.

Can I stand up in your tents?

Yes! All of our bell tents have a center pole that is between 8'-12' tall. It will become more difficult to stand up as you move towards the walls, as the ceiling slopes downwards as you get further from the center.

How can I set-up these hunting tents in the snow?

You will may need to bring along some screw anchor stakes to secure in the snow/ice. As for the guyline ropes, you may want to wrap a log around them and burry them in the snow at deer camp.

Do you have an A-Frame tent to consider instead of a canvas tent?

Yes, our newest tents is called the Scout About A-Frame tent. This is modeled after the F1 army tent design, only larger. This is a true 4-person hunting or outfitter tent, and made of polycotton canvas material. However the fabric has not be treated for fire retardancy.