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4 Person Camping Tents

We have a couple of canvas camping tent options that will truly have room for four people. These tents are waterproof and extremely durable. The canvas fabric is more breathable than 100% polyester tents, plus we've included many ventilation points to help improve airflow. Click into each 4-person tent learn more about the finer details that makes these perfect for your next camping adventure.

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Can 4 People Really Sleep in These Tents?

Yes! These tent have enough room for 4 people to sleep in. The bell tent has a little more room and can fit a couple more people on the ground - or in 2 full beds. However, packing more people inside of the tent will give you less room for your gear.

Are these tents for all 4-seasons?

The bell tent is made of canvas, and shape of these tents make them great for all seasons. The a-frame tent is made of poly-cotton blend, so it is also strong enough for the winder. Since the tents are waterproof, the rain is not a concern. When it comes to snow, you will want to monitor the tent and remove any accumulations so that the poles do not get damaged. 

What Features Are Important with a 4-person camping tent?

  • Headroom – Crawling around inside of a tent isn’t comfortable. Make sure there is room to stand up so everyone can easily move about.
  • Water Resistance - 4 people don't want to get wet inside of the tent!
  • Ease of Set-up – Setting up and striking camp should not be a burden.
  • Multiple ventilation points - Lots of windows and a mesh door to help keep cool on warm days and to help minimize condensation.
  • Rainfly compatible - To help protect the canvas from trees, birds, and heat.
  • Price – You get what you pay for (as they say), so make sure that your investment will meet your expectations.

What else do I need to camp set-up these camping tents?

Our four person tents come camp ready. We do suggest adding a ground tarp underneath so that you can keep the bottom clean (and insulated). You will also need a way to insert the pegs into the ground - so don't forget a hammer.

Are these 4-Person Tents Best For Backpacking?

We'd say yes, if you have a mule to help carry the tent and all of your other camping gear. Since these are made of a canvas fabric, and use metal pole, they are much to heavy to carry for a several mile hike. These tents are better suited for car camping - using within about 50 yards from where you'd unload your vehicle.