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Large Camping Tents For Family

Our collection of family tents are designed to last and provide plenty of room for your entire crew. We offer large 13 ft. 16 ft. and 20 ft. diameter sizes that will hold plenty of family members, gear and camping furniture. The 100% cotton canvas is a strong 11.5 ounce weight that is treated to be waterproof. Best of all, these large family camping tents are easy to set-up!



Need Help Deciding?  View our Family TENT SELECTOR GUIDE


Determining the best size family tent is needed, you will need to determine if everyone plans to sleep on the ground, on cots, or in actual beds. You also will want to consider what other gear and supplies that will be inside with your family.

Family Camping Tent Size Chart

You can use the below chart to help you decide decide which of our bell tents could work best for your family: 

4M Size (13') 5M Size (16') 6M Size (20')
Sleeping Bags 6 8 12
Cots 3-4 4-5 5-6
Full Beds 1-2 2-3 4


The above chart is a guide to maxing out the space for sleeping purposes and leave little room for gear, etc. A family of 4 could go with any of these sizes - but we'd suggest a 16' size or larger for more comfort and space inside of the tent.

Family Tent Sleeping Configurations

Certainly if you want everyone to be the most comfortable, you'll want to add cots or beds to your family tent. The benefit to using cots is that your family luggage can be stored underneath them - allowing for more usable room within the tent. However if you use airbeds, your storage space is significantly reduced (which may be a small price to pay if you want to cuddle up at night to keep warm).

Seating Inside Of Your Family Tent

Our tents have very tall ceilings - making them not only comfortable to stand up in, but also to use folding chairs for resting off of your back. No matter the size of tent you select, you likely can make room for at least one folding chair in your family camping tent - along with an end table.

Keeping Your Family Tent Clean Inside

Let's face it, the reality is that the inside of your tent is going to look like a tornado tore through it after the first night of camp. Think about, the kids can't even keep a hallway clean and tidy. With so many people going in and out, clothes being tossed around, wrappers being left here and there, we'd recommend bringing along the following items to at least make an attempt at keeping your sleeping space somewhat in order:

  • Handheld broom and dustpan
  • A small garbage bin / bag
  • An entry mat for outside of the door
  • A lightweight rug for inside of the door
  • A large plastic storage container for outside of the tent
  • Hangers for the center pole

Lighting Your Camping Tent

Kids love camping! Once night rolls around they may get a bit anxious with the darkness. So bring along extra flashlights and lanterns for the family. You may want to keep a lantern on all night long to act as a camping night light. You can also consider bringing along solar powered string lights for the outside of the tent so the family can see their way around the guy lines of the tent easily.

Keeping Your Camping Tent Clean Outside

Sure, your tent is outside, so it is bound to get dirty.  But here are a few tips to reduce the need for cleaning your tent, inside an out.

  1. Lay a tarp down before setting up your tent. This will keep mud off of your tent and make it easier to pack up.
  2. Use a fly cover over the top of your tent.  This will keep debris, bird droppings, and rain water mixing with these items, staining your tent.
  3. Pack your tent away dry.  This way your camping won't get moldy.

Staying Warm Inside of Your Tent

Cooler evening may require that you bring along a few extra supplies to keep the whole family comfortable while camping.  If the evening temperature drop below 55 degrees, then we'd suggest brining along extra blankets, slippers, or even a portable propane heater.  The canvas fabric will help to retain a little more heat, but the R-factor is not enough to make a huge difference when the temperature drops outside of the camping tent.