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Bell Tent Rugs and Mats

Buy exclusive Life inTents bell tent carpets for your next camping adventure or stationary glamping tent. Not only do our unique matting designs look great, but they are functional for the outdoors. Each version is waterproof, easy to clean and helps to insulate your tent. We've partnered with the premier tent rug maker, Drymate, to create the best cold weather floor covering for a bell tent. Sized perfectly for 5M yurt tents and quickly ships free in the USA.

Selecting the Correct Sized Half Moon Rugs

Ideally you'll want to find a set of half moon mats that fit the exact diameter of your floor.  So purchase a set of 2 if you have a bell tent for optimal floor coverage.  However with tent carpets not readily available, you may need to improvise.  For instance, you could use a 5M rug set in a 6M bell tent to provide 80% floor coverage.  You could also consider using a 5M rug set inside of a 4M bell tent and fold under the edges to help fit the matting inside your yurt tent.

Benefits of Bell Tent Rugs

  1. Insulates your tent from the ground.
  2. Protects the groundsheet of your bell tent.
  3. Creates comfort on your toes.
  4. Adds some style to your tent floor.
  5. Creates a place to hide cables.

How To Clean A Bell Tent Rug

  1. Remove carpet from your tent.
  2. Sweep or vacuum both side of the rug.
  3. Spot clean matting with soap and water.
  4. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Large Round 16 foot Indoor Outdoor Rug Use Instead

These rugs can call be used outdoors to create a comfortable place to sit or stand. The large 16' diameter rugs can be laid down on the grass, sand, soil or deck. Get creative with these large round indoor/outdoor mats.

About Life inTents Bell Tent Rugs

At Life inTents, we design & sell and durable bell tents with the highest quality standards on the market. Our bell tent floor coverings are unique and designed in house with style, comfort and function in mind.  Our rugs will work with all branded bell tents, but our cotton canvas bell tents are the toughest and most elegant, making them perfect for glamping businesses, overland expeditions, backyard guest houses, and hunting tents.