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All purchases come with LIFEtime support!

Once your tent is pitched, please send us photos of your set-up so we can help provide tips about improving any structural details that could help minimize any possible long-term stress from the environment or rigging that may impact the tents lifespan or warranty coverage.

Canvas Tent & Tent Accessories Warranty

We stand behind our craftsmanship! Life inTents™ branded canvas tents, bell tents & accessories carry a limited 30-month warranty (from date of purchase) against defects in the workmanship and materials when our tents are used for recreational purposes. Any tent whose quality is compromised at the time of manufacturing will be repaired (or in special circumstances, replaced) at our discretion. Return freight requires customer prepayment.

While these tents are built tough to give them a fighting chance against Mother Nature, they are still fabric structures. Thoroughly studying the user manual and maintenance guide is highly recommendedwhen making a tent purchase. Many scenarios that these tents can be exposed to are out of our control once they leave our warehouse, such as:  any modified guy line rope rigging procedures, weather patterns, regular maintenance, deck designs, pollen, extreme micro-climates (wind, snow, humidity), soil compositions, caterpillars, etc, etc.

The tent warranty does not cover damages arising from normal outdoor use, including:  improper set-up, mold, mildew, UV exposure, extreme weather, wood stove and air conditioner use, fire, damage during storage, worn zippers, nor fabric holes or damage caused by neglect or accidents. Warranty does not cover improper modified guy rope rigging if tent is placed on a deck platform. Warranty is not valid if unapproved canvas cleaning or protective chemical products are used, improper cleaning methods used, or aftermarket customizations are made to the tent materials or hardware.

Tents used for long-term set-up greater than 21 consecutive days at a time do not qualify for the 30-month warranty. Such use does however come with a 12-month warranty instead (from date of purchase). Any tent whose quality is compromised at the time of manufacturing will be repaired or replaced, at our discretion. 

Return freight for warranty repairs or replacement requires customer prepayment.

Post-Warranty Period - We Still Care!

We of course will still provide a lifetime of support after the warranty period expires to help solve for any challenges that you may encounter with your tent. We are a company that takes quality and service of our customers very seriously. We will always try and help you, but unfortunately won’t be responsible for all losses of tents or interior furnishings. While these are luxury camping tents, some situations are out of our control. 

Warranty only valid to original purchaser of new tents.

Further relevant details available in our Terms of Service.

Camping Gear, Furniture Tools Warranty

All items not manufactured by Life inTents will follow warranty terms provided by the manufacturing company.  Please reach out to them first.  We are are happy to help with the process if your efforts are not progressing as desired.

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