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Protective Bell Tent Ground Tarps

We at Life inTents offer tarp footprints for under 13' (4M), 16' (5M) and 19' (6M) bell tents. We recommend that you always use one when pitching your tent on grass, soil, or sand.

These large round tarps will create an insulative barrier between the ground and your tent to create a more comfortable camping experience. Not only will these protect your bell tent, they will also reduce tent cleaning time when it is time break camp. Lightweight and portable, simply roll up the polyethylene ground tarp and store in the included bag.



What Size Tarp Do I Need For My Bell Tent?

These large round (ish) tarps are custom made to fit most standard sizes of bell tents. If your bell is a 13 ft (4M) diameter, then simple choose the corresponding tent footprint from our shop. We have 13' 16' and 19' sizes.

Will the tarp fit my tent footprint if it is not a Life Intents brand?

Yes, it should work just fine if you have a White Duck, Canvas Camp, or other bell tent.  Will it be perfect-perfect? No - but likely the fit will cover at least 96% of your tent footprint - certainly doing the job it is intended to do.

Will this work if I have a double door bell tent?

These tarps are made single door bell tents. However they will still do the trick. The tarp will be a little off around the 2nd door, but not enough that you'll be too discouraged!

Will I need to peg the tarp into the ground?

No, not all. Since your tent will be sitting on top of it, the tent tarp won't be going anywhere.