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20' Foot Bell Tents - 12 Person Tent

While we do offer multiples sized bell tents, these 6-meter bell tents are our largest and most spacious! These durable bell tents are quick to set-up and are fairly compact enough bring in more any vehicle. All of our bell tents come camp ready, with the poles, pegs, and instructions to help get your shelter up right out of the box.



How Many People Can Fit In A 6M Bell Tent?

Technically this size is a 10 person or 12 person tentand it will accommodate that many people sleeping on the ground. If you plan to use beds or cots, then you can assume you will max out at eight people. These tents are capable of holding 2 King sized beds, 4 queen beds, or 8 cots If you want extra room for luggage, then you can consider this a 10 person tent when sleeping on the ground.

12 person camping tent layout

Are these tents for all 4-seasons?

The durable canvas and shape of these tents make them great for all seasons. Since the tents are waterproof, the rain is not a concern. Because of the shape, these 12-person tents are wind resistant in 40+ mph gusts. When it comes to snow, you will want to monitor the tent and remove any accumulations so that the center pole does not get damaged. Using a wood stove inside of the tent will help the snow melt off.

What Features Are Important with a 12-person camping tent?

  • Water Resistance - 12 people don't want to get wet inside of the tent!
  • Multiple ventilation points - Lots of windows and a mesh door to help keep cool on warm days and to help minimize condensation.
  • Rainfly compatible - To help protect the canvas from trees, birds, and heat.
  • Ease of Set-up – Setting up and striking camp should not be a burden.
  • Headroom – Crawling around inside of a tent isn’t comfortable. Make sure there is room to stand up so everyone can easily move about.
  • Price – You get what you pay for (as they say), so make sure that your investment will meet your expectations.

What should I buy to set-up these tents?

Our twelve person tents come camp-ready. But don't forget to bring a hammer to stake in the ground pegs. We'd also recommend bringing a ground tarp to set the tent up on so that the bottom of the tent stays clean and dry to make for packing up easier. For wetter or hotter days, you may want to consider investing in a tent cover.

Can 10 people really fit in these tents?

Yes! Most 10 person tents can't actually allow for that many people to sleep in them. However these 6M tents can. In fact even 12 people can sleep in them with sleeping bags. The same goes for sitting. But you can comfortably seat 14 people in a circle while sitting legs crossed on the tent floor.