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Backyard Glamping Checklist for an Unforgettable DIY Glampsite

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Are you planning the ultimate backyard glamping staycation, party, or date night?

If you’re looking for a breakdown of all the supplies you’ll need, look no further. This detailed guide will not only give you a printable backyard glamping checklist of essential gear, but also covers how to pick the decorations, food, and entertainment that makes glamping so glamorous — including some glamping ideas and examples to get you started.

The Essentials: Backyard Glamping Supplies Checklist

glamping checklist

Before you get into the design and decor that gives glamping its luxurious vibe, you need the right glamping gear. You can use the image above as your ultimate DIY glamping checklist, but here are some key details on glamping essentials: 

The Best Tents for Glamping

For a true glamping experience, you need a canvas tent. Large events tend to use wall tents, but the majority of backyard glampers prefer a canvas glamping tent for its simpler setup, more affordable price, and because you can easily use it for other activities like festival camping. 

When buying a glamping tent, make sure you get the right dimensions according to the number of people and available space in your glampsite.

Backyard Camping Accessories

There are a few essentials you’ll need for a pleasant DIY glamping experience.

Glamping Tent Accessories: Tent accessories like rugs and fly covers keep your tent clean. Depending on your climate and weather, you also may want tent-safe heating or air conditioning.

Bedding:You can fit real beds in most canvas tents, but air mattresses and futons also work great. Don’t skimp on your pillows, blankets and duvets for added comfort and class.

Smart Glamping Setup


Backyard glamping tents

Arguably the most essential, yet rarely mentioned — you’ll need supplies to secure things in place, provide power, and so on. 

Hanging & Securing: It's best to use the tent’s structural poles to hang lights and decor, which can be done using zip ties and electrical tape. Use artistry tape when securing anything to the canvas material. Additionally, fishing line can provide near-invisible support for hanging lights and decor throughout your glampsite. 

Power: For a simple setup, get battery-powered lights and use a portable power pack to charge devices like speakers. If you need plug-in power, an extension cord can bring power from an external outlet or generator, which can go into the tent using an exit jack or through the door.

Glamping Food and Fun


backyard glamping food

Most glamping resorts have food selections more in-line with luxurious living, while the activities are more similar to camping. Backyard glamping has some advantages and disadvantages here: Your food options are near-limitless, but you’re more restricted with outdoor activities. Luckily, we’ve gathered some of the best glamping food and entertainment ideas for most backyards and budgets:

DIY Glamping Food and Drink Ideas

  • Food platters and charcuterie boards. You’re not limited to cheese and crackers: This beautiful dessert charcuterie board and this fried food platter prove the possibilities are endless. 
  • Frozen fruit drink cubes. Frozen grapes not only look great in a wine glass but also keep wine cool without watering it down; add color and flavor using berries.
  • Foil campfire meals. You can make and heat entire meals over any fire using aluminum foil and a pair of serving tongs — even steak and potatoes.

Backyard Glamping Entertainment Ideas

  • Stargazing. A cozy outdoor spot to watch the stars is a great place to add some glam.
  • Music. A Bluetooth speaker and a thoughtfully curated playlist can be a pillar of your glamping ambiance.
  • Giant games. Cartoonishly large Jenga or chess feels more fun somehow.
  • Treasure hunts. Creatively curated clues and unique finds can make them fun for any age or event.
  • Movies.A white bedsheet can become a big screen for a DIY projector - or even simply use the canvas tent doors!.

Putting the ‘Glam’ in Glamping

There’s a secret formula to making the perfect glampsite and nailing the aesthetic: 

  • Pick a theme. Theming provides the consistency that makes glamping so Instagram-worthy. You can find some examples below, but it doesn’t have to be specific — a simple color scheme works great.
  • Strike a balance. Glamping finds the sweet spot between the simplicity of camping and the sophistication of luxury. For example, if you want whimsical hanging lights over your eating area, pair them with a picnic setup or wooden table rather than classy tables and chairs. You want to enhance the natural outdoor experience with glam, not replace it. 

Glamping Ideas and Inspiration


glamping lights for backyard


RusticEdison string lights, old-fashion lanterns, wooden furniture, quilts, natural color schemes

Boho/Boho Chic: Colorful lantern lights, tent floor pillows, hanging tapestries, earthy colors with pinks/reds and greens/blues

 backyard glamping tent design boho


Whimsical/Romantic: Hanging fairy lights, candles, classical seating, fluffy bedding, flower centerpiece, white and black color scheme  


night time backyard glamping tent lights



So there you have it — everything you need for DIY glamping, from essentials like the best glamping tent to the secret formula for aesthetic glamping decor. If you found this list helpful, show us your beautiful backyard glampsite on social media by using the hashtag #lifeintents and sign up for our newsletter for more glamping inspiration.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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