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The Best Music Festival Camping Tents

These festival tents can be set-up in 20 minutes and pack down into a 45" duffle bag for easy transport. In case of rain, no problem. The tents can handle any weather, being waterproof and easily resist winds up to 50 mph. You can even bring along a wood burning tent stove for colder nights because each festival tent is fire retardant. Choose from 13-Foot, 16-Foot or 20-Foot diameter models that can house plenty of gear and friends.

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Need Help Deciding?  View our Festival TENT SELECTOR GUIDE

Choosing The Right Festival Tent

As you plan for selecting the right festival tent for your festival you'll want to consider several important factors: portability, durability, spaciousness, weather resistance and sustainability. 

Portability: Our festival tents roll up and can be stored in a duffle bag. Though not light-weight, these tents can be unloaded at your campsite or brought in with a wagon from your car.

Durability: The last thing you want to worry about is a wind storm dismantling and damaging your festival shelter. Our tents are designed to handle 50+ mph winds when secured properly and constructed of rugged 390 gsm cotton canvas to help protect you against flying debris.

Spacious: Not only will you need room to sleep, but you'll also need space for your belongings - even for a minimalist. It's amazing the space that gets taken over once your luggage and cooler are opened up. We have 2 super spacious tent sizes will hold lots of people, furnishings, and outfits. But be sure that the festival provides enough space to set these beasts up at.

Weather ResistanceYou'll want to ensure that you'll have shelter from any storm that could sneak up on you. Our cotton festival tents are waterproof and have a built in bathtub style floor that can protect you from 4 inches of standing water. 

Sustainability: We live in a world that encourages overconsumption. This leads to o glut of waste. If you want to buck that trend, then we'd suggest selecting a tent that can be easily repaired. Canvas festival tents can be easily repaired with a needle and thread or recycled into other products. Whereas nylon tents are hard to keep functional once damaged and typically end up in landfills when their lifespan comes to a halt.

Eye-catching:You don't want just any festival tent to crash in at night - you want something special. Something with style, something that is tough; something that is you! Look through our virtual tour on our product pages to see if a LiT tent is what you want to bring to the dance.

Our Festival Tent Models

We have 3 festival tent models to choose from that come in 16 foot and 20 foot sizes:

  • The Fernweh festival tent
    This is our very first model. It is the shape of a bell tent and is made for rugged conditions. This tent is a 4-season tent that is fire-retardant and it even has a hole ready for a wood burning stove.
  • The Stell'a festival tent
    This is our gem - modeled after the Fernweh, but she has stargazing ceiling so you can look up into the universe.
  • Timberline festival tent
    This one is meant for those knowing that they will be getting a LOT of use out of their festival tent - as the door is replaceable and can completely zip on and off. Plus is even has a spot to hook up an a/c and a wood stove.

Cotton vs. Nylon Festival Tents

Nylon tents are popular because of how compact and lightweight they are. Such a camping tent is convenient to pack, but they typically can't withstand a punch from Mother Nature. Most nylon tents have lightweight structural supports that are great in calm weather, but typically are questionable with the weather gets rough. Nylon tents can get very hot and will trap heat and humidity inside because this material is not breathable. However canvas tents are breathable and most have strong structural poles and pegs to provide added comfort and peace of mind while camping at a festival! If you have a little more space in your vehicle and a bigger budget, your investment can be brought to dozens of music festivals over as many years.

Since most nylon tents have a smaller footprint, they may be ideal for festival camping space constraints, but if you have the room, we'd suggest our 16' or 20' festival canvas tent for camping.

LIT Festival Tents FAQs

Make a statement with our one of our durable camping tents at your next festival. Stand out from the crowd and be the talk of camp. Our luxurious tents are easy to spot as you stroll back after a long night of dancing and provide plenty of room to unwind and recharge for day 2, 3 and 4.

Q: Are your festival tents good for a group of friends?

A: Absolutely! A Life inTents 5M tent can hold 8 sleeping bags, while the 6M tent can hold 12 people. We don't recommend cramming this many people in a tent for festival, but it can be done! We won't judge.

Q: What accessories do you recommend we add onto our festival tent?

A: We recommend bringing items to protect against weather. Adding a fly cover over your tent provided added shade from the sun and of course provide extra protection from rain. We also suggest bringing along a ground tarp to set your tent up on to help make packing up your tent easier (especially if it rains). Packing some tent rugs will always a good plan to help keep your tent a little cleaner and cozier.

Q: How much space will I need for a LiT festival tent?

A:For the greatest comfort and to extend the guy line ropes it would be best to have a 24 foot diameter space for our 16 ft. tents and a 28 ft. diameter for our 20 ft. tents.


While we can’t take credit for inventing portable sleeping tents (that gratitude goes to the Indigenous nomadic tribes), we do take pride in making tents to be more durable, comfortable and elegant.

We performed extensive field tests by setting up camp for hundreds of glampers in the wild Pacific Northwest. Then we got to work designing a canvas bell tent that will both stand up to mother nature and stand out on social feeds.