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If you are a glamping business in need of canvas tent supplies, then Life inTents’ bell tents can be purchased at discounted prices available at a wholesale rate or applying our popular tiered volume discounts.  We also have a dropshipping program for Resellers where we could ship our glamping tents directly to your customers for you.

Volume Discount Program

We offer a tiered discounting program for those wanting to purchase 3 or more canvas tents at a time.  This program can provide up to a 20% discount off of the regular price of our canvas tents (pre-existing published discounts are not additive to these rates).  The discount rates are as follows (and subject to change):

  • 6.0% discount on 3-5 bell tents
  • 7.5% discount on 6-9 bell tents
  • 10% discount on 10-14 bell tents
  • 15% discount on 15-19 bell tents
  • 20% discount on 20+ canvas tents 

All purchases are TAX FREE and include FREE SHIPPING!

We will even provide the same discount on most bell tent accessories.  Please contact us for your discount code or a to create a custom offer for you today. 

Retroactive volume discounts can be applied to prior purchases made within the same calendar year.

Reseller Dropshipping Program

Our reseller dropship program is for companies that would like to offer our tents & camp gear to their consumers, but have these products directly shipped to their customers by us, on their behalf. No holding inventory. Simply collecting profit when a customer makes a purchase. We ship in-stock items next business day (at the latest).

We'd provide you with the digital assets and price points to create individual product pages on your website.  Once your customer places an order, you would then navigate to our Life inTents website and input the order details and to make payment.  You’ll apply an 15% discount code during the checkout process to capture as your margin (i.e. 15% of a $1,700 average tent order equates to $255 in your pocket).  Once the order is placed, we’ll forward you the tracking number to share with your customer.

Participation requires a minimum domain authority score of 20.

Reseller partners are to perform their own customer service related to each order and agree to our MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy.
Only available in the U.S.A.

Contact us below to learn more.

Wholesale Canvas Camping Tents

Our wholesale program was created for those needing a large number of canvas tents at one time (i.e. 25 or more).  The wholesale discounts on these tents are more significant, but the minimum lead time for delivery is about 4 months. These wholesale glamping tents are typically made to order and require a deposit to start the production process. Deliver direct from the bell tent manufacturer.

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