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Rugged Bell Tents for Sale

Outdoor hospitality begins with a bell tent for camping from Life Intents. You'll enjoy materials like a waterproof enclosed floor, "no see-um" mesh sides and overall high-quality craftsmanship. In addition, our bell tents have quick, easy set-up times of 20 minutes or less. Whether you want to set up a bell tent in your backyard or in the wilds, we can help you with a cozy, waterproof canvas bell tent. Find your glamping tent for sale now at Life Intents.


Need Help Deciding?  View our BELL TENT SIZE GUIDE

What Makes Our Canvas Bell Tents Better?

Durable canvas - Compare the specs with other sibley style bell tent manufacturers, paying special attention to the canvas weight. Our bell tent canvas is a hefty 390 gsm, or 11.5 oz per square meters. This thickness not only creates a better insulating property but it also is take more effort to become damaged.

Wall support system. We are the only company that has an integrated sidewall support system. The higher side walls of our bell tents are reinforced with short wall poles that help to maintain the tents form and function. Ever see bell tent pictures showing sad and sagging walls? Not if it is a bell tent from Life Intents.

Walls that can roll-up. Behind the canvas walls is a secondary mesh wall that is connected to the floor of our bell tent. Either wall can be unzipped from the tent floor and rolled up. Rolling up the canvas wall reveals the mesh wall that greatly improves airflow and circulation on warm days. You can also roll up the mesh wall too, letting in all of nature - creating a "floating bell tent."

Sturdy hardware. Poles and pegs are crucial to supporting a bell tent. Our sturdy hardware will keep your tent standing strong - in all types of weather

Weather proof. Our bell tents are pretreated with added protection against water, mildew and UV rays. So you can be comfortable under the stars near a campfire with smores.

Wood stove compatible. The canvas is treated for fire retardancy and comes with a pre-cut stove jack hole and cover on the ceiling so you can add a wood stove to your bell tent to keep cozy. Feel free to add more stove jacks if necessary.

Lifetime support. Once you invest in our bell tents, you become part of the LiT family. We'll be here to support you - for life.

Bell Tent Size Comparison 

 13 Foot (4 Meter)  16 Foot (5 Metre) 19 Foot (6 Meter)
Diameter (unstaked)
12'8" 16' 4"
19' 4"
Space Needed
(with ropes)
~19' ~23' ~26'
Center of Ceiling
8'4" 9' 8"
11' 4.5"
Door Height 4'10" 5' 6" 5' 10"
Wall Height 23.5" 29.5" 31"
Sleeping Bags 6 8 12
Cots (comfortably) 2 4 5
Cots (max)
Queens (comfortably) Full 1 3
Queens (max) 1 2 4

Bell Tent FAQs:

Are bell tents easy to put up?

Due to their simple design of two poles and multiple pegs, a 6M or smaller bell tent can be put up by one person in under 20 minutes - much easier than a teepee. We have a great article on our resources page that shows this simple setup process. 

How do you heat a bell tent?

Our tents are certified as being fire retardant to help add peace of mind when heating a bell tent. Many of our models include a built-in stove jack so that you can install a wood stove in our bell tents. Campers can also consider using a propane or radiant heater.  Remember to always use a fireproof rug and a CO2 monitor. 

How do you clean a bell tent?

First try to dry-scrub the stain with a clean brush. Next you can try a sponge and a mild soap. We usually suggest a couple treatments of Iosso Stain Remover to clean tough stains on bell tents. After cleaning, you may need to apply 303 Fabric Guard to introduce back a protective barrier to your canvas.

What is the wind rating of a bell tent?

When bell tents are properly set-up, these tents can easily withstand fresh air wind gusts of 50 mph, thanks to their unique shape and structural supports.

How long will a bell tent last?

A bell tent that is set-up for a few weekly camper adventures per year can easily last 10-20 years (if you don't pack it away wet and retreat it every few years)! The lifespan of bell tents that are left up for several months at a time will drastically vary. Factors such as humidity, tent placement, and regular maintenance all play a role. To extend the life of your tent we highly suggest a fly cover and getting your tent off the ground (via a platform) and exposing the tent to a breeze and sunlight.

Are bell tents good in the snow?

Our bell tent can be used in all seasons. The canvas is super durable and weatherproof. Using a tent in snow requires extra precautions. A couple of inches of snow on the canvas can add 2,000 pounds of weight to the center pole if left sitting. Keeping a wood stove heating up the tent during snowfall will encourage the snow to melt off. Left unattended, snow can cause the center pole to collapse.

Are accessory items available for purchase?

Yes! We offer groundsheets, a fly canopy, stoves, awning, green or white chairs and cots, lanterns, rugs, and many more items made of great materials and at fair price in our online store.

Do you offer used bell tents for sale?

We publish second hand and clearance bell tents for sale on our website. We also periodically have open boxed tents or repaired tents for sale. Just ask - you might bet lucky.

When would you use these camping tents?

Well, whenever you want an outdoor shelter away from home you could come back to these tents after a hike, bring it on a fishing trip, return to shore and sleep after using a canoe or kayak, enjoy some bird watching, or simple relaxation with friends and family. Many clients rent these tents out for Airbnb income, bring them on a camping trip, use them for decorated sleepover garden birthday party or a romantic date night by adding fairy lights.

Could these be used for backpacking tents?

Only if you have a mule to attend the hike with you. These tents come in large sizes and the canvas and poles make them very heavy - and too large to put in backpack!

About Life Intents - A Bell Tent Manufacturer

We believe in Camplete Campassion. This serves as a compass for our mission, which is to share JOY, COMFORT, and CONNECTION. This exists in our business through the mindful design and supply of boutique canvas bell tents that are comfortable, functional, and durable. Our bell tents are created to connect people with the outdoors and to each other, to spark joy, and to provide peaceful, comfortable shelter. We believe that intention + action makes a difference. Ours is to live and spread Camplete Campassion.