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Bell Tent Protector Cover

Help protect the canvas on your tent and reduce maintenance. A fly cover also helps to provide insulation and reduces condensation. We offer fly covers for our bell tents (6-Meter (19.5'), 5-Meter (16.3'), and 4-Meter (13')) and our Scout About tent.

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View Our In-Depth  Fly Cover Tutorial

Color of Bell Tent Fly Cover: White
Color of Scout Tent Fly Cover: Green

Multiple Sizes Available

Compatible with the following bell tents based on the height of the door:

  • Life inTents bell tents (of course)
  • Stout bell tents
  • Canvas Camp bell tents
  • Boutique Bell
  • Danchel Outdoors

These bell tent fly covers will not work well with White Duck bell tents unless you add another grommet on your own to account for the excess fabric. 

Bell Tent Fly FAQ

Why Would I Need Fly if my Tent is Waterproof?

It is less about rain and more about long-term canvas protection. A bell tent fly will help your canvas to maintain its protective properties as the cover will reduces weathering and wear of your canvas. UV rays and rainwater exposure will wear off any protective elements that are impregnated in the canvas, requiring periodic canvas retreatment. Also, the cover will keep debris and droppings off of the canvas that need to be cleaned off regularly.

How Is The Bell Tent Fly Secured?

The tent fly cover has its own guy line ropes attached to it. These ropes are extended and attached the the same ground pegs that they tent uses.

Do These Flies Have Ventilation Points?

Yes! There are ventilation points built-in to the top that all for your bell tent ceiling vents to properly function.

How Long Does The Covers Take To Install?

The first time installing these covers will take about 20 minutes, as the guy line ropes need to initially be tied on. After that, installation only takes about 5 minutes. The fly simply needs to be draped over your bell tent and secured with the guy line ropes. We suggest installing by removing the center pole to make it easier. Check out are article on how the fly installation process works.

Will This Fit On My Bell Tent?

The bell tent flies are made our Life InTents models. However they will fit on most other tents - just not white duck bell tents.