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Waterproof DoekTec™ Canvas
Thickest Canvas Weight on the market
More Spacious
Lifetime Support
Experts at Glamping

Heavy Duty Canvas Tent For Camping

Our Life inTents rugged canvas tents are built to last. From the hefty 11.5 oz. canvas to the fully enclosed floor. Our fire retardant and waterproof canvas tents are spacious and easy to set-up and transport. Both our Stella stargazer model or the Fernweh are tall canvas walled tents. All include a built-in stove jack, poles, pegs, and guy line ropes to head out on your camping adventure. The best canvas tents for glamping, hunting, road trips or your backyard. 

30-month warranty and FREE SHIPPING from Portland, Oregon USA. 


Heavy Duty Canvas Tents

Our Canvas Tents

We didn't cut any corners while creating our LiT canvas tents. Our thick cotton canvas weighs in at a 11.5 ounces per square yard (390 gsm). This makes our canvas tents more durable and insulated than any other canvas tent on the market. 

Our canvas is also treated to be waterproof, mildew resistant and fire retardant. You'll also notice that our bell tents even come with a unique outer wall post system that helps to maintain the form and function of our tall walls.  

In addition to the quality canvas, each tent comes with durable hardware.  All of the poles are made of galvanized steel, the guy line ropes are thick and reflective, our ground stakes are sharp and strong and all of the zippers are sourced from SBS.

Canvas Tent Advantages

  1. 100% Cotton canvas tents a breathable - meaning that they won't get as stuffy as nylon tent or a polycotton tent.  The cotton fabric is tightly woven, but the fibers allow moisture from sweat, humidity and cooking to escape so your tent won't turn into a sauna.
  2. Canvas tents are tougher.  Canvas has a higher breaking point and is harder to rip.  These tents also will perform much better in strong winds.
  3. Canvas tents can be easily repaired with needle and thread, giving them a longer lifespan.
  4. A canvas tent provides better insulationto help keep your cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  5. You can put a stove in a canvas tent to keep you warm - assuming the canvas is fire retardant.  Canvas also makes for installing a stove jack more possible.

Canvas Wall Tent vs. Canvas Bell Tent

The biggest visible difference between a wall tent and a bell tent is the shape.  A wall tent looks more like a rectangle and a bell tent looks more like a circular cone.  The reason for this is their canvas tent support systems.

The frame of a wall tent is supports by many steel poles that support the wall and the rafters.  A bell tents simple structure is supported with a single center pole and a single A-frame door pole (along with guy line ropes).  Both types of canvas tents are portable, but a wall tent is a couple hundred pounds heavier with all the added poles (also making it take more time to erect).   

A wall tent does win when it comes to overall head room within this type of canvas tent.  The center of a bell tent is going to be much higher, but the nature of the design creates less head room along the walls for standing (which is why beds and furniture are usually positioned along the sides of a bell canvas tent).