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Your At-a-Glance Camping Tent Size Guide

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Ready to purchase a tent but need help determining what size you need? You’re not the only one. Tent sizes stump a lot of campers. Tents, whether backpacking tents or canvas tents, are measured in “person,” which gets confusing.

And whether it’s due to the extra rucksack you need to keep dry or the extra dogs you brought along for the adventure, you’ll quickly learn that the sizes listed on standard camping tents are not always what they seem. Sure, that 2-person tent could fit two bodies technically, but comfortably? Probably not.

Fortunately, when it comes to canvas bell tents, you’re guaranteed a spacious interior with extra height and square footage to accommodate everyone – and their bags and dogs too!

So to determine which is right for you, we’ve broken down the sizes of standard tents and canvas tents in this handy camping tent size guide.

Camping Tent Sizes for Standard and Canvas Tents

8-person canvas tent with queen bed and 2 cots

In this camping tent size guide, you will find the typical listing size of both standard tent sizes and canvas tents like bell tents. One thing to remember: Unlike many tent manufacturers, Life inTents canvas tents offer a realistic representation of the number of people capable of sleeping and living comfortably in them with all your storage and gear (without stretching the truth).

2 Person Tents

  • 2-person tent (standard) | Appx. 7.5 x 4 feet | 35 square feet max

Truthfully, a 2-person tent is tight for two. Realistically, it’s perfect for one person and their backpack. Also, don’t expect to get a cot or mattress inside, only a camp pad. These dome-style tents are not standing height.

  • 2-person tent (canvas) | Appx. 8.5 x 6 feet | 51 square feet

Canvas tents are meant to be spacious and luxurious, but also durable. For example, many hunters appreciate this kind of durability in a transportable 2-person canvas tent. While LIT doesn’t carry one in this size, they’re out there! Search for Flexbar cabin tents from manufacturers like Kodiak and Springbar for a great 2-person canvas tent.

4 Person Tents

  • 4-person tent (standard) | Appx. 8 x 7 feet | 70 square feet max

A 4-person tent gets into “family tent” territory, offering just enough space for maybe 2-3 people. They also start leaning into the cabin-style tent that offers more vertical walls for those who prefer to stand inside.

  • 4-person tent (canvas) | 11 x 9 feet | 99 square feet

Our A-frame style, 4-person canvas tent– the Scout – that offers plenty of space for four adults. You can get four sleeping bags inside with extra space to walk around and store your gear too!

6 Person Tents

  • 6-person tent (standard) | Appx. 10 x 9 feet | 100 square feet max

Think more like four people with their backpacks and gear. Even five people are cramped in a standard 6-person tent, but this tent size might be ideal for smaller families or four adults and gear.

  • 6-person tent (canvas) | 4 meter / 13-foot diameter | 133 square feet

Leaning into luxury, Life inTents offers Stella, a 6-person canvas bell tent with room for two full beds or 3-4 cots. Of course, it can also host six campers if you prefer to “rough it” a little in sleeping bags.

LIT Stella 6-person canvas tent measurements
13 ft. Bell Tent Sleeping Configuration

8 Person Tents

  • 8-person tent (standard) | Appx. 15 x 9 feet | 130 square feet

Spacious enough for four people and gear. Six people are pushing it, but it can be done if the tent is intended for a family with little ones.

  • 8-person tent (canvas) | 5 meters / 16-foot diameter | 212 square feet

An 8-person canvas bell tent offers plenty of space for eight sleeping bags or, alternatively, a queen bed and two cots. LIT offers both Stella and Fernweh 8-person tents.

LIT 8-person canvas bell tent measurements
16' Bell Tent Configurations

10 Person Tents

  • 10-person tent (standard) | 14 x 10 feet | 180 square feet max

Fitting 4-6 people and their gear, a 10-person tent can be quite comfortable. But when you start reaching eight people, a 10-person tent becomes cramped.

  • 10-person tent (canvas) | 6 meters / 19.5 feet diameter | 289 square feet

Getting into larger sizes, a 10-person canvas tent can fit two queen-size beds comfortably or 10 sleeping bags. You could also manage four to five cots along the outer edges, with ample interior space to walk around.

12 Person Tent

  • 12-person tent (standard) | 18 x 10 foot | 200 square feet max

When you reach 10- and 12-person tent styles, they’re typically cabin styles with standing height and feature extras like room dividers and swinging doors. But, if you’re paying attention, it will not fit a whopping 12 people. If you like your luxury, it can fit three queen-size air mattresses, sleeping 6, maybe a few more if children sleep together.

  • 12-person tent (canvas) | 6 meter / 19.5 feet diameter | 289 square feet

This spacious beauty opens up wide enough to accommodate 12 sleeping bags for a slumber party or family camping getaway. On the flip side, it also invites two king-size beds, making it ideal for a joint couple’s retreat. Choose between Stella, Fernweh, and Timberline Exchange bell tent styles.

LIT 12-person canvas tents measurements

20-foot Bell Tent Sleeping Options

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Tent Size

  • Consider the height of your tent. Many dome-style tents require you to sit or kneel. If you have a bad back or knees, aim for a cabin-style tent with 60 inches or more height. Hint: Our canvas tents offer an 8' 3" ceiling at the center pole for a comfortable standing room.
  • Plan your campsites accordingly. Larger tents require larger campsites, so do your research and ensure your 8-, 9-, or even 12-person tent can fit once you arrive.
  • When in doubt – upsize! In this camping tent size guide, we listed sizes with an even number of people. However, if you need to upsize, there are also 3-person, 5-person, 7-person (and so on) standard tent sizes for that extra wiggle room.

If you have any questions regarding the sizes of Life inTents canvas tents, don’t hesitate to reach out or check out our camping tent selector guide! We’re more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect size and square footage for your planned activities and adventures.

Brette DeVore
Brette DeVore

As a former hospitality interior designer with an adventurous spirit and love for travel, I now help interior designers and tourism-related businesses in creating online content and media.

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