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We've been helping people to camp comfortably with our large canvas bell tents since 2017.  We started out as a glamping event company and then transitioned into a camping tent design and manufacturer once we became intimately aware of how the tents could be improved for long-term use (read our full story).

glamping influencers in a bell tent

Show Others How-To Live Off-Grid

We are hoping to find a handful of influencers that are eager to share their experience with one of our bell tents.  From the set-up, to furnishing, sleeping, maintenance and most importantly - connecting with nature.  We would of course share our many tips and suggestions to successfully pull this off.

Tent Space Needed

Ideally the outdoor brand ambassador will have a space where they could set-up one of our large tents so that you can truly experience several months in a row with it - whether actually living in it, or at least engaging with it on a weekly basis.  Our tents require a flat, 30-foot diameter space to set-up on and can easily hold a queen bed, use of a heater/wood stove, and many other furnishings.

Our Ask of Outdoor Influencers

Our vision is that the partner would "regularly" create and share real-life video content with their off-grid audience. At minimum we hope that you have a "popular" YouTube channel, but it'd be a bonus if you are also active with video on social platforms as well (TikTok, Instragram, etc.).

The frequency to which content is shared can be discussed, however we are hoping that your direct video experience with the tent can be shared several times a month, over 3-6 consecutive months.  The content provided would help to not only show off the tent, but also to help educate people about using a canvas tent outdoors (tips, tricks, challenges/solutions, highs/lows, etc).


    In return, we'd provide you one of our canvas bell tent packages (the exact model would be our final decision), valued at about $2,000.  We are a small company, so further compensation for your off-grid influencing would be difficult to provide, however this is not out of the question to explore. 

    Your Social Audience

    To meet our target audience goals, we are looking to find influencers in the USA whose primary content caters to one of the following subjects:

    • Off-grid living
    • Homesteading
    • Glamping business
    • Nomadic travel
    • Outfitting
    • Adventure travel

    We could consider other subjects as well if it aligns with our goals.

    Interested? Please fill out the below application so we can get acquainted!

    Please note, we are currently seeking partnerships that will help to create video content.  A focus on photography assets is not a goal at this time for this program.

    Outdoor Influencer Application