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Waterproof DoekTec™ Canvas
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4-Season Overlanding Ground Tent

Your overlanding tent doesn't need tiny and stark. These rugged canvas tents are portable and easy to set-up. The simple design allows for a 20-minute pitch and will pack down into their own 45" duffle bag for simple transport and storage. Rough weather in the forecast? Don't fear - the canvas is waterproof and durable. Plus, the bell shaped design makes it more resistant to wind. Keep your tent warm on chilly nights with a wood stove(sold separately). 11 ft. 13 ft. 16.4 ft. or 19.5 ft. ground tent sizes available for sale with varying bells and whistles. 



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Ground Tents For Overlanding

Benefits Of A Ground Tent

Yes, roof top tents (RTT) look cool, are comfortable and there is a sense of security knowing that a home is always connected to your rig. However there are some great advantages to using a ground tent for overlanding:

  1. You are free to hit the trail anytime without folding up your tent if it is set up on the ground - saving time and annoyance.
  2. Ground tents are much more affordable! A roof top tent can cost $5k-$10k, with a low resale value.
  3. RTTs are difficult to repair vs. a ground tent.
  4. You can add a wood burning stove to canvas ground tents to keep you warm in cool and cold environments
  5. A ground tent weighs less then a RTT, improving gas mileage and vehicle performance.

Overland Ground Tent Considerations

When shopping for a 4x4 tent you'll want to think through several factors to ensure that the shelter will meet your overlanding tent needs. Think about:

  • Tent Size Peeps and Gear: Anticipate not only people, but your gear. Often overlooked is planning to have enough room for not only people, but clothing, bags, lanterns, pets and ideally sleeping cots. You'll also want to think about headspace. Do you want to stand up or are you good with doing the tent crawl.
  • Weather Resistance: Certainly you will want a rain and wind resistant overlanding ground tent. Check product reviews to see what others have experiences with the tent. If you have time to test the tent in your own backyard it would be wise to see if it may have any craftsmanship flaws to address before using it off-grid.
  • Set-up and Strike Time: Make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of time to set-up and take down the tent. If you plan to be on the move on the daily, then certain
  • Tent Weight: Your vehicle can probably handle the weight of the tent no problem, but if you plan to bring your tent and gear more than 25 yards from your truck, you'll probably want to avoid a super heavy ground tent.
  • Fire Retardancy: If you want to use a wood stove in your tent, then make sure that the fabric is certified to be fire-retardant. That way you can keep warm at night with the worrying about the safety of you and your bunkmates. 

Features of Our Overlanding Tents

Our tents are built tough! Here are some of the benefits that are available with of various models:

  • Durable: Canvas makes for a more durable overlanding structure. Many of our tents are made with a super heavy canvas, while some use a lighter more manageable canvas for transporting.
  • Ventilation: Canvas on its own is natural breathable (vs. nylon), so this will help improve airflow and reduce condensation. Our bell tents all have ceiling ventilation points, and come with screened doors and windows to help with air circulation.
  • Waterproof: Our tents are all treated to be waterproof in any rainstorm. This treatment will wear off over time, requiring periodic retreatment after about 90 days of exposure to the elements.
  • Fire-Retardant: Most of our tents are safe to use a wood stove inside because they've been treated with this safety measure in mind.

Make An Overland Ground Tent Comfortable

Obviously you'll bring along gear to keep you warm at night for your overland sleepover, but don't forget these essentials:

Sleeping Pad | Propane Heater or Wood Stove | Pillow | Battery Powered Fan | Overland Tent Fly Cover | Coffee Kit | Water Filter | Indoor/Outdoor Rug | Folding Stool & End Table | Wet Wipes | Powdered Beverages | Mountain House Meals 

Important Overland Ground Tent Accessories

Sure, you have your tent. But you'll want to be ready for any weather. Consider adding the following tent accessories to make sure your overland tent is ready for what mother nature throws your way:

  • Fly Cover: To keep you tent cool and the tent dry for packing up.
  • Tent Awning: To have a place to store wet gear outside of your overland ground tent.
  • Spare Pegs and Pole: Just in case.
  • Extra Rope: To help secure your shelter if anything goes south.
  • Ground Tarp: This will keep the bottom of your tent clean, insulated, and protected from rocks & sticks.
  • Tent Repair Kit: Tape, Glue, and Sewing Supplies.

Do You Have a Warranty on Your Tents?

Of course we do! All of our overland tents come with a 30-month warranty that covers the quality and craftsmanship of the tents. Even past the warranty period, or for any issues outside of the coverage, we will provide Lifetime support! The full warranty can be found in the footer of this webpage.