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Camping Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything

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Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. But what do you do if the camper you are buying camping gifts for seems to have everything already?
couple in a glamping tent

photo credit:  Leah Flores

Never fear, we have plenty of camping gift ideas to make your loved one's eyes light up with joy. We have unique camping themed gifts for men, women and couples who love camping that come in a range of prices and options to best suit your needs. So whether your loved one loves DIY roughing it in the wilderness or enjoys a more luxurious camping experience, we have something for them in this gift guide!



cool camping flashlight gift

It’s hard to pass up this adjustable flashlight’s cage-style head and metallic shine. That shine comes from an aluminum and steel body with textured paint for a firm grip and solid feel. Despite its vintage vibes, the Barebones flashlight is equipped with an LED bulb, is water-resistant and fully rechargeable in 3-4 hours. This gadget will delight!


campfire cookbook

Fire to Fork is a perfect gift for those who both love campfires and cooking. It provides great guidance on how to cook over a live fire in the outdoors and features over 60 recipes. The perfect cookbook for any aspiring outdoor chef who wants to cook more than chocolate and marshmallows.


green camping stool gift

He’ll love how easy to transport, lightweight, and strong this stool is. Its sleek, simple design makes it perfect for the minimalist in your life who doesn’t like to skimp on style. Mold and mildew-resistant canvas material looks great both inside and outside a canvas tent.


white camping cot gift

This cot gift pairs the practicality of tradition with an improved, modern design.
Modeled after military cots, the Maine Heritage camping cot can hold up to 375 lbs. while remaining easy to transport, fold and unfold. Add a sleeping bag or air mattress for extra comfort.


camping axe gift

You’ll definitely hear about how useful this camping gift became after a few trips. This 4” high-carbon steel blade doubles as a hammer and features a beautiful and sturdy 17” hickory handle, making it a lightweight but heavy-duty survival tool for chopping wood and much more.


log carrier

This is the type of gift a man never knew he needed until he has it. Practical and handsome at the same time, this stylish suede campfirewood carrier saves trips while toting wood. It’s so dapper that he’ll be astonished at how fitting it is for a rugged lifestyle.


cast iron grill by river camp

Give him a grill that goes beyond grilling: smoker, skillet, deep fryer, roaster and more. This campfire grill features a cast iron base and a classic dome lid that looks good enough to keep in the backyard. Made in the USA and built to last, the all-in-one cast iron grill also packs down into a neat bundle that’s easy to pack and carry for camping trips.


Looking for a gift that will ignite the fire of adventure in your loved ones? Look no further! The Scout About A-Frame Camping Tent is the perfect present for those who crave the thrill of the great outdoors. This unique tent combines comfort, durability, and style, making it an ideal choice for any camping enthusiast.


campground map reviews

This one is for frequent campers who are always on new adventures. The Dyrt pro Subscription provides detailed maps on cell service availability, free camp spots and reviews for hikes and campsites wherever they go with their fishing pole and fishing net. Better yet, the subscription service allows them to view and use maps on their phone even if they have no signal, making it a truly handy gift to help ensure their next adventure is as pleasant as possible.


camping cook set

How great would it be to have everything you need to prep, cook and serve four people in a lightweight and compact package? This Stanley camping cook gift set includes 21 pieces total, which all fit inside a large pot for no-hassle packing and transport. It was designed with more than practicality in mind, too; made of high-quality materials, this 21-piece cook set provides even cooking and easy cleanup with every use.


camping mixed drinks book

A cooler of beer is great, but who says you can’t have a nice old-fashioned on the rocks out in nature? This camp gift is perfect for the camper in your life who loves the artistry found behind the cocktail bar. Featuring recipes that keep camping necessities and simplicity in mind, he’ll have endless ideas on how to spice up his evenings outdoors with a taste of the high life.



beach bag tote gift

This is one of the strongest, largest travel totes for a lifetime of adventures. This is a perfect gift for the camper whose personality makes a statement you can’t miss while keeping a humble, cute look. Can be carried by hand or using the adjustable shoulder strap for ultimate comfort on long trips. Easily can store hiking boots, sunscreen, binoculars and their favorite bird book.


white camping lantern

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a camping lantern this functional and stylish at the same time. The Railroad lantern gift features a rechargeable battery that can hold 100 hours of power and creates an amazing ambiance. Its Edison-style LED bulb provides efficiency and an eye-catching retro look she’ll thank you for. 


wine camping flask

This stunning wine camping flask is sure to delight the wine lover in your life. Not only is it beautiful, but it's practical. It holds a full bottle of wine and will keep with white wines cold for 24 hours. Plus, it comes with two magnetic wine cups that can be stored with the entire flask while hiking or biking.


camping knife tool

Nature-loving ladies need good multitools too (and you’ll probably be the first to think to give her one). This Barebones foldable tool features a full-sized half-serrated kitchen knife, corkscrew, bottle opener and kickstand with a beautiful wood handle, allowing her to prepare food, wine and treats easily. She can even bring it in her hiking backpack or put it in her fishing tackle box.


folding butterfly chair

This lightweight foldable chair is fit for an outdoor queen. Featuring a sturdy reinforced wood frame and canvas material, this butterfly camping chair’s sleek look can easily withstand the elements rain or shine. Constructed using renewable wood sources and designed for ultimate comfort, it is perfect for any camping activities. Available in white as well.


camping teapot white

Who doesn’t love a campfire teapot that looks so good, it could be a statement piece. This enamel pot with a hanging handle is perfect for a rustic look over the campfire — with a cup of tea, of course. Comes in charcoal, eggshell, mint and slate gray to suit a variety of tastes.


harvesting bag on woman

This gift will allow your loved one to forage for flowers, herbs, edibles and more with ease. With an elegant vintage look, this harvesting and gathering bag is comfortable, durable and versatile. It’s also water-resistant and includes a watertight removable liner.


stanley french press in camp kitchen

Allow your favorite camper to enjoy gourmet coffee without a breakable glass press. This 48oz large capacity french press can serve multiple mugs at once and features no fragile glass components for easy packing. The press is also vacuum-insulated to keep coffee hot for long periods of time.


waterproof notebook

These notebooks ensure that the glories of nature don’t get in the way of a nice journal or dedicated note-taking. “All weather” means rain or shine, her notebooks won’t be any less usable or legible, which anyone who has tried to preserve fragile paper in the rain knows is no small feat. Pair this with other affordable items to to create a camping gift basket.



camping flask in snow

Imagine a camping flask that comes with two tumblers and can fit an entire bottle of wine or whisky. Then imagine it’s made of stainless steel and double insulated to keep warm beverages warm and cold beverage cold. Now imagine that those two tumblers are magnetically locked so there’s no risk they’ll fumble around in your bag or get lost. This is not a cheap flask! What a lovely gift for two!


couple in hammock at beach

This 5.5ft wide camping hammock always has room for two. It can stretch and conform to your comfort; perfect for a nap, snuggle, or some resting after a long hike. The Paradiso Double Hammock is made just as traditional hammock makers intended them to be used — comfortably and sustainably for life.


man taking shower outside

With this portable shower system, your favorite camping couple can enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing modern hygiene. It’s designed for a user to take a full shower with just one gallon of water, helping to preserve water for trips to arid regions. Better yet, it can also be used to wash dishes or clean camping gear thanks to its nifty built-in sponge. This one is our #1 camping hack!


blanket at beach with woman

Let your loved ones enjoy comfortable cuddles under the stars without feeling cold. This soft, durable blanket is still light enough for easy transport but heavy enough to keep the heat in during cold nights. Woven using traditional looming methods, the authentic character of this campfire blanket is easy to fall in love with and bring on any picnic.


camping dinnerware dishes stacked outdoors

A perfect date night isn’t complete without sturdy but beautiful dinnerware, even out in the wilderness. This enamel camp dinnerware gift set comes in an eye-catching slate grey and multiple different set options to best suit your couple of choice. These heavy-duty steel-trimmed pieces are so beautiful you might just be tempted to buy some for your own everyday use.


portable phone charger solar power

This handy phone charger features two USB ports to charge both devices simultaneously, making it perfect for couples. It is solar rechargeable, which means less anxiety about powering phones and other tech while out and about on adventures. It’s also waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, making it a perfect gift for outdoor people.


fireside card game with people

What better camping gift for couples could there be than these thought-provoking cards to spark endless campfire bonding moments? It’s an affordable gift that’s fun to play just as a couple or with additional guests as well, and it’s sure to create many memories that any couple would cherish for a lifetime. Don't forget the bug spray to keep the fun going.


portable power station

Every great campsite needs a power station, and this portable power station makes it easy as pie to transport and maintain. Weighing just over seven pounds, it can provide 300W of power and be recharged at home, in the car, or even using a solar panel. It’s great for couples who like to camp with all the amenities of home — or at least their phones, cameras, and other electricity-dependent supplies.


smores set

You may have had s’mores, but have you ever had gourmet s’mores? Give the gift box of a great date night at the campfire with this delicious, perfect treat. This is the type of gift any couple will think they don’t need but thank you later once they try it out.

Camp Gifting Final Points

There are so many unique gift ideas for campers out there, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. The key is to get creative and think about the practicality and sentimental value of the smaller things in life. If you know campers who seem to have everything, any of these camping gifts for men, women, couples or event dad would likely be great candidates to make them happy. Thanks for reading and happy gifting!





Please note, some of these items are contain affiliate links that we may earn commission on if you make a camping gift purchase with them. We use these earnings to help sustain our business and create more value for our customers.


Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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