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Waterproof DoekTec™ Canvas
Thickest Canvas on the market
More Spacious
Lifetime Support
Experts at Glamping

The Best Glamping Tents

Our modern glamping tents are both stylish and durable. All sizes are very spacious and can accommodate plenty of furniture and glampers. Designed for comfort in all weather conditions, you can even add a wood burning stove for colder nights. Perfect for rental income, road trips or your own backyard. Our luxury glamping tents for sale come with FREE SHIPPING from Portland, OR.


Luxury Glamping Tents Designed for Comfort. Compare our glamping tents to the rest and see why we are the best.

Need Help Deciding?  View our Glamping TENT SELECTOR GUIDE

Looking for a lovely glamping tent for sale? If you need the best, then look no further. Our tents are made to not only shield you from mother nature, but to look glam doing it. We make traditional bell tents, but only better. Our luxury camping tents will give you with a comfortable camping experience in any weather.

Best Glamping Tents. Period.

Heavy Cotton Canvas. Our luxury glamping tent canvas is a durable 11.5 oz per square yard (390 gsm) - the heaviest on the market. This thickness creates a better insulating property and makes it less prone to damage.

Weatherproof. Glamping in a tent requires that you stay dry. Our canvas is naturally waterproof, but we also have added a treatment to help water to bead up and roll off. We have also added protective barrier to the canvas to help ward off mildew.

Wall Support System. Have you even seen a bell tent with sagging walls? It is not pretty. Our glamping tents are the only ones the market that come with an outer wall pole support system to ensure that your tent holds the correct form - for function and appearance.

Breathable Canvas. You won't get stuffy and sense stagnant air in our picturesque glamping tents because the natural canvas weave won't allow condensation and air to easily be trapped inside. Air and moisture can easily escape, yet remaining waterproof.

Durable Floor. The 19 oz. rip-stop floor of our glamping tents are rugged and waterproof. You won't need to worry about rain water or puddles finding its way inside of the tent as the floor extends up the wall several inches to help protect the canvas and your furniture. This thick floor will keep sticks and stones from making a surprise visit.

Ease of Set Up. Through large, these portable glamping tents can be DIY set up in 20-30 minutes (your second time). Simply unfold the tent, stake the floor, insert the center pole and door frame and then stake out the guy lines. Check out the video on the product pages.

Roll-Up the Walls. Most of our tents are built with a two walls (a canvas wall and mesh sidewalls). Unzip the canvas wall and roll it up to expose a 360 degree mesh wall to allow for the greatest airflow. To allow all of nature in, unzip the mesh wall and roll it up to create a floating tent shade structure.

3 Luxury Tent Sizes To Select From:

  • 12'9" diameter (4 Meter bell tent)
    • 133 square feet.
    • Holds 6 sleeping bags or 2 full beds
    • Requires 19 foot diameter to extend guy lines
  • 16'4" diameter (5 Meter bell tent)
    • 212 square feet.
    • Comfortably holds 4 cots or a queen/king bed or 8 sleeping bags. 
    • Requires a 22-25 foot diameter to extend the guy line ropes.
  • 19'6" diameter (6 Meter bell tent)
    • 289 square feet.
    • Comfortably holds 6 cots or a 2 queen/king beds or 12 sleeping bags.
    • Requires a 25-28 foot diameter to extend the guy line ropes.

Aesthetically Pleasing Tents

If you want your glamping tent to look the part, then you need to select a luxury tent that stands out! Our canvas glamping tents come in various designs (with and without a stargazing feature) that all use a lighter natural color cotton canvas and not a drab brown / tan color. Plus the higher walls allow you to furnish the tents with taller chairs and tables to style it to the nines.

Glamping Tents With a Stove?

Yep - you can add a wood stove to these beauties to keep warm during cooler days. The canvas is fire-retardant and each tent comes with a built-in stove jack that you can cut larger to fit a chimney pipe through on the ceiling.

Trusted by Glamping Businesses

Don't take our word for it, take look at the people and businesses that are renting out our tents to earn a living on our glamping stays page. They will work for your business or for your glamping adventure.

4 Season Luxury Tents

Our quality glamping tents will perform through rain, sleet, snow and in the blazing sun. The shape of our tents naturally combat wind and rain, while our quality accessories help to keep the tent upright. Ceiling vents and windows allow for extra ventilation to help keep your cozy and comfortable.

Accommodations For: 

  • Glamping Resorts
  • Backyard Glamping
  • Airbnb / Hipcamp Income
  • Guest Suite
  • Music Festivals
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Mobile Glamping Business
  • Festival Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Retreat
  • Off-grid Cabin
  • Party Lounge
  • Outfitters
  • Caravan, motorhome, camper van or trailer holiday travel 

A Luxury Tent That Lasts

Investing in a luxury tent can cause anxiety and indecision. Know that we continuously work to improve our tents so that they will meet and exceed your needs. It all starts with the canvas. By now you understand that our canvas is the heaviest on the market, but not only that, we've also made it the most mold resistant - giving it the best chance to last in humid environments.

Our quality glamping tents will perform through rain, sleet, snow and in the blazing sun. The shape of our tents naturally combat wind and rain, while our quality accessories help to keep the tent upright (similar to a dome). Ceiling vents and windows allow for extra ventilation to help keep your cozy and comfortable.

Buying a glamping tent is a big decision. Call, email or text us so we can guide you through the buying process. Whether you select one of our tents or one from another company, we just want to make sure you feel great about your decision.

Glamping Tent Rental Alternative

Bell tents are quickly becoming the favorite tent to use for glamping for many of the reasons outlines above. Historically business used canvas wall tents, safari tents, teepees, and types for permanent glamping experiences. All of these tents are made of durable canvas fabric material (not polyester), have space for a wood burning stove, provide good headroom, and function great on a platform. But the bell tent is seen as more romantic, is quick to setup, in more favorable in the wind and looks great in photos. 


Can I Take These Backpacking?

If you have the courage to take these tents on a glamping trip, then by all means! However the weight of these tents would not make for comfortable hiking during a camping trip. There are certainly more appropriate camping gear with features and at a price that will make more sense. 


We believe in Camplete Campassion. This serves as a compass for our mission, which is to share JOY, COMFORT, and CONNECTION. This exists in our business through the mindful design and supply of canvas glamping tents that are comfortable, functional, and durable. Our bell tents are created to connect people with the outdoors and to each other, to spark joy, and to provide peaceful, comfortable shelter. We believe that intention + action makes a difference.