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Deciding on the right size and style of camping tent just become easier!

Simply use our augmented reality media with your phone to virtually place our tents in your yard or a gymnasium.


1. Open this page on your smartphone (email the link to yourself)
2. Click on the your tent of choice below.
3. Click on the AR box
4. Move your phone and then click the image to place the tent.
5. Use 2 fingers to rotate or move the tent on your phone. (confirm that the image is sized to 100% by looking at the top of the tent)
6. Feel free to walk around the tent to check out all the details.

Virtual Tent Models:

13 foot stargazing camping tent
13' (4M) Stella™ Stargazing Canvas Tent
bell tent with queen bed inside
16' (5M) Zephyr Tent Cabin
fernweh bell tent by life intents
16' (5M) Fernweh™ bell tent
6M Stargazer Tent Stella Life inTents
19' (6M) Stella™ Stargazing Tent
the zephyr bell tent by life intents
19' (6M) Zephyr™ Tent Cabin | Canvas Bell Tent
19' (6M) Fernweh™ Double-Door Bell Tent
19' (6M) Double Door Fernweh Tent
Augmented reality camping tent green
Canvas A-Frame Tent - The Scout About
Umbrah Sun/Rain Shade