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Ideas for Decorating a Glamping Tent

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How To Decorate A Glamping Tent?

Ah the creative possibilities of a blank canvas and in this case, we mean the possibilities of a canvas bell tent! A canvas bell tent is an easy and economical investment for creating a glamping tent that serves as a guest room, an Airbnb tent stay, a retreat space, a pop-up party room, and so many other options. How will you decorate a bell tent? That will depend on how you want to use it. So we've pulled together some ideas and essentials for decorating a glamping tent, featuring real life examples of Life inTents canvas bell tents out in the wild. 

how to decorate a glamping tent

Examples for How To Decorate A Glamping Tent

All Out Luxury

Want that picture-perfect, Instagram-influencer-vibe with your canvas bell tent decorating options? You're going to have a lot of fun decorating your glamping tent in this way, but be forewarned: the hardest part might be holding back! So to keep your focus (and stay within your budget) pick a feeling or a theme, and let that be your North Star as you consider the elements and essentials to include or omit as you decorate and style your bell tent. Themes could be anything from boho chic, to vintage charm, to celebrating the local flora and fauna, or simply: Welcome, we're glad you're here!

This example features a Life inTents canvas tent used in a photoshoot for Glamp Magazine. This bell tent setup would be an absolutely beautiful way to decorate a glamping tent for an Airbnb luxury tent stay.

Room To Party

A canvas bell tent makes a most excellent party room! All-weather, all-season, all-occasions, you can decorate a bell tent to easily meet your party needs. If you plan to host 100% of the party inside the tent, you'll want decorating essentials that roll up and stow out of the way so you can easily adjust the tent space based on the phases of the party.

This example is from a 13th birthday party shared by @glampingwny.

Simple, Serene

One of the big appeals of a canvas bell tent is the lightness and brightness of the open interior. The vaulted ceiling adds luxurious spaciousness that is reminiscent of tent styles that have stood the test of time across cultures and continents. If you intend to celebrate this spaciousness with a minimalist approach to decorating, focus instead on comfortable essentials like seating (floor cushions, poufs, soft rugs, camp chairs), sleeping accommodations if needed (which could be a single bed, a queen bed, multiple twin beds, or bedrolls that easily tuck out of the way), and lighting options for both visibility and ambience.  

Here's an example of a simple and serene glamping tent setup with comfortable lounging inside, and a place to gather and eat outside.


There is going to be variability on what you actually need and want to include in your glamping tent setup based on whether it's for personal use, shared use, a one-time event, ongoing use, etc. Below is a handy checklist for furniture and other essentials to consider as you style and decorate your glamping tent. You can follow the link to our favorite glamping decorations for you to consider from Amazon.

  • Chairs, Floor Cushions, Poufs, (seating)
  • Beds (multiple twins, one or two queens, bedrolls 
  • Throw rugs
  • Lighting (ambient string lights, outside lights, lanterns)
  • Surface areas (end tables, coffee table, shelves)
  • Mirror
  • Storage and waste receptacles
  • Entry mat
  • Hat/coat rack/hangers
  • Shoe/boot rack
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Towels/bathrobes
  • Personal touches: welcome sign, flower arrangements, succulents, books or magazines, games, etc. 

Here's one more glamping tent decorating example from @tnts_bnbs:

The interior of a decorated canvas bell tent glamping tent

Glamping is Afoot

No matter how you style your glamping tent, we highly recommend using a protective bell tent rug. A protective bell tent rug helps add insulation, reduces wear and tear on the tent floor, and adds softness underfoot. Use on its own, or in conjunction with other area rugs for comfort and aesthetics. 

a canvas bell tent that includes a protective bell tent rug and a decorative rug on top of that

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