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Upgrade Your Outdoor Lifestyle With Camping Furniture

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Is your tent or outdoor living space looking a bit barebones? Then it’s time to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle with decent camping furniture.

The luxury camping look is not hard to achieve, and camp furniture is one of the easiest ways to create a "glamping" experience. However, not all camp furniture is made to be both attractive and durable. Good thing Life inTents knows a thing or two about that.

Read on to learn how to elevate your glampsite with camping furniture.

Features to Look For in Camping Furniture

Before we dive into the best camping furniture to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle, we should talk about what makes a great piece of camping furniture. It comes down to four things: Portability, Comfort, Versatility, and Style. Here’s what it means:


Packing space is limited and carrying furniture back and forth can be cumbersome, so choosing more portable camp furniture is a must. Choose camp furniture that is foldable in some fashion, and light-weight. Whether it rolls up into a tight ball or folds into an origami-like pack, portable camp furniture will allow you to carry even more furniture to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle and bring a tent to a whole new level of camping.


Camping furniture can be as simple and straightforward as a finding a tree stump. But that doesn't make it comfortable. To truly elevate your camping game, the furniture must feel cozy. Think soft, breathable and durable materials, extra padding and cushioning (padded seats, headrests, and backrests), and adjustable ergonomic support.


Camp furniture should serve multiple purposes. Some of the best camp gear and furniture available are versatile enough for everyday use and can upgrade your outdoor lifestyle in a home backyard, at a ballgame, or campsite. Look for versatile features like all-weather performance, customizable settings, modular convertible designs, and the ability to accessorize or customize to your style preferences.


Lastly, style. Camping furniture doesn’t have to look basic or boring. Portable camp furniture pieces can be found in all sorts of new styles to fit your outdoor living spaces. Whether you appreciate something more rustic and minimal with colors found in nature, or love the modern updated looks with vibrant colors, there are plenty of styles of camping furniture out there from which to choose.

The Best Camping Furniture to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living

So how can you upgrade your outdoor lifestyle with camping furniture? Just think of all the types of furniture you have at home, and then incorporate the four features mentioned above. That’s what makes a piece of camp furniture more refined. In turn, it’s what elevates a glampsite.

Camping Chairs & Other Seating


a collection camping chairs and hammocks


Traditional folding camp chairs are a tried and true piece of camping furniture that is popular. The collapsible and lightweight frame makes them super portable and easy to carry. You can even fold them up and carry them from the beach to the bonfire. They also happen to come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes – even loveseat sofas and chaise lounges!

Director chairs and campaign chairs lend an elevated upgrade to your outdoor lifestyle. The Pangean Campaign Chair is a wonderful example of a director-style camp chair, crafted with a protective oil-finished renewable hardwood and clean and crisp heavy-weight polyester canvas. If you like this elegant camping furniture look, check out the canvas butterfly chair and canvas glider chair too.

Camp gear and furniture has become so advanced and portable, that you can even find rocking chairs. So leave Grandma’s big rocker at home and get yourself a folding rocking chair like the Ever Advanced Folding Rocking Chair instead. 

Also, relatively new to the camp chair world, hammock chairs can give you that relaxing swaying motion that a rocking chair does. Suspended within a frame, the KingCamp Hammock Chair doubles as a rocking and hammock chair. It even has a removable footstool that lets you recline for a nap or stargazing.

Last but not least, if you want to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle with a dedicated lounge or communal sitting area, bring in a loveseat or sofa made for two or multiple people. A great way to cozy up by the fire with a special someone or create plenty of seating for group camping. Check out this Kuma Outdoor Gear Double Chair designed with a padded seat and available in classic camp-themed patterns and colors. Choose from a gray and black buffalo plaid, camo, and solid Sierra color.  

Raised Camp Cots

Portable and versatile, camp cots are a wonderful way to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle. They elevate your sleeping arrangements, both literally and figuratively, by raising you off the ground and presenting a classic camping furniture piece to your site.

Camp cots can double as a bed, sofa, or simply be used as a place to store gear (both above and below). Check out some of the best camping cots, including Byer of Maine.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds make a nice addition for families with kids. Although you might be thinking: Bunk beds in a tent, really? Yes, really. Tall canvas bell tents and shelter-style wall tents can easily handle a bunk bed or two or three. In fact, it’s a fantastic way to save space for gear when you need to sleep an entire Scout troop.

Check out this versatile and portable Kid-O-Bed Bunk Cot, which can be quickly assembled into a bunk bed or broken up into two twin cots or benches. It grows with your kids and is designed to fit in 5-meter bell tents (or larger)!


Hammocks are highly versatile camping furniture perfect for those lazy naps beneath the shelter of trees or gently rocking back and forth as you curl up with a book.

This quintessential camping furniture addition is also extremely light, packs up nice and compact, and can be swung from trees at the campsite as well as at home. No trees around? You can always attach it to a hammock stand or hooks from a fence.

Hammocks can be found in all sorts of styles to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle too. From the classic hand-tied knot and cotton hammocks like our Paradiso Double Hammock to the famous Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO hammocks with an assortment of color combinations and patterns, there’s a cozy hammock for everybody.

Picnic and Camping Tables


camping tables and kitchen camp tables


Camping tables offer a more ergonomic dining experience and allow extra surface area for playing games and simply storing gear. A highly versatile addition to a glamping site, camping tables can double as nightstands or side tables for keeping drinks and reading materials. Imagine having a cafe size camping table and two chairs where you can enjoy morning coffee and breakfast.

Camp tables can be found in lots of portable and foldable styles. However, while some space-saving camp tables that offer a foldable fabric top similar to traditional camp chairs, we recommend something a little sturdier. A solid wood top camp table or metal top camp table ensures your picnic doesn't go overboard. Save the fabric tops for footstools.

Look for camping tables with roll top tables that allow you to fold the legs and roll the wood planked top into a bag for easy transport.

Camp Kitchens and Prep Tables

Another piece of camping furniture you may want is a camp kitchen or kitchen prep table. Kitchen prep stations and tables are a must for camp chefs, allowing all the cookware and serveware to be kept neat in a single place. It also means an ergonomic counter height space to cook and clean up, especially if there’s a designated spot for the grill and drain integrated dishwashing station. Some camp kitchens even come with features like a sink or paper towel holder. Another smart feature is a wind guard to prevent flames from being blown out and extinguished.

Now, one thing to consider is that camp kitchens can add some bulk and weight to your camp gear. Camp kitchens can get heavy and large and become a bit much for some who prefer a minimalist setup and cooking over a fire. But still, it’s a nice way to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle, especially if you’re an outdoorsy foodie.

More Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Camping furniture isn’t the only way to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle. There are lots more easy ways to make a tent cozy, from lighting to wood stoves and heating elements to delicious comfort foods and good music.

  • Camp lighting is one of the easiest and best ways to add ambiance to your campsite. Throwing out a few solar paneled string lights and rechargeable camping lanterns gives a lovely glow to your outdoor space.
  • Shade structures provide some shade to your campsite. Not only do they keep the sun and rain off, but they add an extra layer of elegance to a canvas bell tent.
  • Wood stoves bring a relaxing and inviting warmth and glow to your tent too. A perfect addition for cold nights and winter camping adventures.
  • Rugs and mats give a warm and soft underfoot. They come in lovely colors and patterns too. Plus, they’re multipurpose and make cleaning up dirt a breeze!
Brette DeVore
Brette DeVore

As a former hospitality interior designer with an adventurous spirit and love for travel, I now help interior designers and tourism-related businesses in creating online content and media.

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