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Winnerwell Woodlander Tent Stove Review and Spotlight

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When taking your camping (or glamping) to the next level, especially when planning for long term set-up in the colder months, we have found that deciding on the right tent stove is one of the most important decisions you can make; second only to buying a proper canvas tent for sale.
winnerwell stove in bell tent

A large majority of questions we get while helping to guide clients’ needs are in regards to tent stoves. We always remind people that while it is called “glamping”, it is still camping and when it is cold outside, it will be cold inside your tent. Some milder situations can be handled sufficiently with a small propane heater made for camping. In some cases, these just do not give off enough consistent heat and a wood-burning stove makes more sense. Tent stoves can also be used for cooking, or to heat up that ever-so important cup of coffee. Either way, you want to be sure that if you decide to add a stove to your canvas tent that it is going to work efficiently, it is safe, and it is compatible with your tent make and design.

winnerwell woodlander stove door open

One of the benefits of a high-quality canvas bell tent is that they are made with this in mind and some tents (including our canvas tents) include a pre-cut stove pipe hole within a fire-proof material sewn onto the canvas. These holes can even be customized to fit your stove pipe securely and safely using a Stove Jack Flashing Kit. This video shows you how to install a flashing kit onto your canvas tent.

Before deciding to represent the Winnerwell Woodlander Double-View Stove in our Life inTents shop, we spent years trying other wood-burning tent stoves and found that not only does this stove fit well for use in our tents, but is overall a very high-quality stove that is perfect for enhancing the comfort and aesthetic of your glamp-ground set-up.

With a total of three viewing windows (1 door, 2 side), the Winnerwell Double-View Large Wood Burning Tent Stove provides an efficient heating and cooking solution with stunning ambience when in operation. It is made entirely in 304 stainless steel that is highly corrosion resistant and durable with decorative twisted metal handles.

Included with the stove is 1 large stove body (18” length), 1 airflow controller pipe, 4 sections of straight chimney pipe (3.5” diameter), 1 spark arrestor, and 1 ash scraper. All of this can be packed into the stove body and the spring-loaded tripod legs and shelves that fold flat, allowing for easy transportation (a storage bag is sold separately). Total weight is just under 34 lbs. Here is a quick YouTube video showing off how everything fits inside the body of the Winnerwell Woodlander.

winnerwell stove bundle

There are some other items that allow for the best experience when setting up and using your large Winnerwell stove. You will find in our shop that we have put together a complete stove bundle option that includes (in addition to the standard stove and pipes) a short pipe section (to help with exact fit to your tent), a triple-wall pipe section (for use in the area where your stove pipe comes in contact with your tent/flashing), a flashing kit, fireproof floor mat and pipe cleaning brush. 

The price point is mid-range of the options on the market. There are some inexpensive stoves that you can find on sites like Amazon. You just need to be careful with these as we found the cheap materials do not hold up and it takes a few burns to get the toxins off of the metal (not something you want to sleep with). There are of course more expensive stoves as well. We found the Winnerwell Double-View Stove to be a perfect size, great quality and performance, and looks fantastic! This stove is an absolute perfect addition to a quality bell tent and is made to last a very long time.

Operating Tips
Efficient and proper use of a wood stove requires some patience and practice. When starting your fire, it’s important to quickly establish a hot bed of coals to initiate a strong draw of air through the stove and up the flue. Use a generous amount of small tinder when starting a fire in the stove, slowly adding larger pieces of wood. Always open the door slowly to prevent smoke spillage into your tent or shelter. Never start a fire using flammable accelerates such lighter fluid. We strongly recommend operating your stove outside for the first several burns to practice your fire-starting technique and optimizing burn temperature and rate using the airflow controls. It’s important that your stove burns hot enough to efficiently combust the fuel. When the stove is burning efficiently, little to no visible smoke should be exiting the chimney pipe. If the chimney is belching thick visible smoke, this is an indication the stove is not burning efficiently. Also avoid overloading the stove with fuel as this can create excessive heat which can warp or damage the stove. And NEVER leave a wood stove burning unattended.


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Joe Pagano

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