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Valentines Day Gifts For Camping and Campers

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couple in front of tent on valentines day

Buying a valentines day gift for your loved one should be fun, not stressful! (and not everyone wants chocolates and flowers). But what do you do if that special camper in your life seems to have everything already?

Never fear, we have plenty of valentines day camping gift ideas to make your loved one's eyes light up with joy this February. The list contains valentines gifts for him, her and couples who love camping, with gifts that come in a range of prices and options to best suit your best mate. So whether your loved one loves roughing it in the wilderness or enjoys a more luxurious camping experience, we have something below for them!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Elegant Vintage Flashlight

camping flashlight barebones on man hand

It’s hard to pass up this adjustable flashlight’s cage-style head and metallic shine. That shine comes from an aluminum and steel body with textured paint for a firm grip and solid feel. Despite its vintage vibes, the Barebones flashlight is equipped with an LED bulb, is water-resistant and fully rechargeable in 3-4 hours.

Handsome Firewood Hatchet

camping axe

A hatchet for a gift?  Well yeah, think of those cozy campfire chats and snuggles this could inspire! This 4” high-carbon steel blade doubles as a hammer and features a beautiful and sturdy 17” hickory handle, making it a lightweight but heavy-duty tool for chopping wood and much more.

Camp Cocktails Book

camp cocktails gift

Who says you can’t have a nice old-fashioned on the rocks out in nature? This gift is perfect for the camper in your life who loves the artistry found behind the cocktail bar. Featuring recipes that keep camping necessities and simplicity in mind, he’ll have endless ideas on how to spice up his evenings outdoors with a taste of the high life.

Durable Fernweh Travel Tote

luxury canvas tote bag

This is one of the strongest, largest travel totes for a lifetime of adventures. This is perfect for the camper whose personality makes a statement you can’t miss while keeping a humble, simple look. Can be carried by hand or using the adjustable shoulder strap for ultimate comfort on long trips.

Fancy Camping Dish Set

enamel camping bowls, cups and plates

Spark a fire of love with this stylish camping set this Valentine's Day!

Forget the cliche chocolates and flowers, whisk your special someone away on a romantic adventure under the stars with the enamel camping dish set! This 6-piece wonder isn't just about practical convenience, it's about creating unforgettable memories under the open sky.

Stylish Enamel Teapot

nice teapot

Who doesn’t love a campfire teapot that looks so good, it could be a statement piece. This enamel pot with a hanging handle is perfect for a rustic look over the campfire — with a cup of tea, of course. Comes in charcoal, eggshell, mint and slate gray to suit a variety of tastes.

All Weather Notebooks

waterproof paper

These notebooks ensure that the glories of nature don’t get in the way of a nice journal or dedicated note-taking. “All weather” means rain or shine, his/her notebooks won’t be any less usable or legible, which anyone who has tried to preserve fragile paper in the rain knows is no small feat.

Life inTents 4M Stella Canvas Tent

13ft stargazer tent in woods

Our newest love! This 100% natural cotton canvas tent has all of the same features of its larger Stella counterparts (also comes in 5M and 6M). At just over 13 feet in diameter, this glamping tent is just the right size to take on either a weekend trip or leave up long-term. The skylight windows allow for snuggling under the stars!

A (Hot) Fire Cookbook

outdoor cooking book

To the soul who craves more than scorched hot dogs and singed marshmallows, to the adventurous spirit who sees a roaring flame as a culinary canvas, we have found your muse. "Fire to Fork: Adventure Cooking" is not just a book; it's a whispered promise from the crackling heart of a campfire, a love song to the wild kitchen we carry on our backs.

Luxury Camping Flask

quality camping flask

Imagine a camping flask that comes with two tumblers and can fit an entire bottle of wine (or whisky). Then imagine it’s made of stainless steel and double insulated to keep warm beverages warm and cold beverage cold. Now imagine that those two tumblers are magnetically locked so there’s no risk they’ll fumble around in your bag or get lost. What a lovely gift for you both, cheers!

2-Person Double Hammock

romantic hammock

This 5.5ft wide hammock always has room for two (you too!). It can stretch and conform to your comfort; perfect for a nap, snuggle, or some resting after a long hike. The Paradiso Double Hammock is made just as traditional hammock makers intended them to be used — comfortably and sustainably for life.

Handmade Camping Blanket

romantic blanket

Give the gift of comfortable cuddles under the stars without feeling cold. This soft, durable blanket is still light enough for easy transport but heavy enough to keep the heat in during cold nights. Woven using traditional looming methods, its authentic character is easy to fall in love with.


There are so many great valentine gift ideas for campers out there, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. The key is to get creative and think about the practicality and sentimental value of the smaller things in life. If you know campers who seem to have everything, any of these camping gifts for men, women and couples would likely be a great candidate to make them happy. Thanks for reading and happy gifting!


Please note, some of these items are contain affiliate links that we may earn commission on if you make a camping gift purchase with them.  We use these earnings to help sustain our business and create more value for our customers.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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