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Overland Expos, Rallies and Events For 2024

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overlanding in desert
Image source: Canva

Overlanding and 4WD touring offer thrilling activities for adventurous campers and outdoor enthusiasts. With many similarities to glamping but with a certain rugged escapism as you navigate off-road terrains, it’s no surprise that overlanders have created ways to come together, socialize, and share their love for these sports.

So grab a durable, four-season overland ground tent and prepare for these 2024 overland expos and rallies. They’re coming up fast!

The Best Overland Expos

jeep overlanding rally

Image:  The Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo

The Overland Expo


  • Overland Expo West | May 17-19 | Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Overland Expo PNW | June 28-30 | Redmond Oregon
  • Overland Expo MTN West | August 23-25 | Loveland, Colorado
  • Overland Expo East | October 4-6 | Arrington, Virginia

Overland Expo is considered the premier event for businesses and anyone who loves adventure travel and the outdoor lifestyle. Luckily, they offer several different expos spread throughout each of the four corners (roughly) of the United States. So wherever you hail from, there’s bound to be one within distance.

At Overland Expo, you can take four-wheel and motorcyclist classes, attend programs and demonstrations from notable adventurists and, of course, explore tons of the latest camping gear, equipment, rides, and services. A must-attend for any overland enthusiast.

The Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo

Dates: March 1-3, 2024
Where: Starke, Florida

If you’re in the south, the closest Overland Expo you can reach is in Virginia. But if that’s not doable, the Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo (once called the Southeast Overland and Off-Road Expo) in Starke, Florida, is a convenient three-day event to satisfy your adventurist spirit. On-site camping, food trucks, classes, and off-road courses promise overlanders a good time.

California Overland Adventure and Power Sport Show

Dates: March 16-17, 2024
Where: Fairplex – Pomona, California

Come for the California Overland Adventure Expo and stay for the Power Sports and RCX Expo. This overland expo offers multiple activities surrounding everything outdoor lifestyle to keep you entertained for the two-day event. Explore products, gear, and vehicles (from ATVs to boats and water toys) designed for overlanding. Then, check out the outdoor brands tailored for your travel activity-loving lifestyle, from cycling, camping, hiking, climbing, and so much more. A great destination if you’re in the SoCal vicinity!


Dates: April 19-20, 2024
Where: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds | Springfield, Missouri

If you hear folks talking about MOORE, know they’re referencing the Midwest Overlanding and Off-Road Expo. This two-day overland expo includes various classes, courses, and seminars ranging from overland navigation to trauma kits and recovery. And with 200 exhibitors from across the globe, you have lots of new gear and vehicles to discover.

Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival

Dates: August 8-11, 2024
Where: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

The MAOF is a fantastic overland expo and rally accessible along the east coast. Presented by off-road brand Mainline Overland, the MOAF offers camping, courses, and a unique adventure film fest. It’s a great middle-ground for overlanders from the southern and northern states.

The Best Overland Rallies

bigironoverlandrally images


Big Iron Overland Rally

Dates: September 27-28, 2024
Where: West Mineral, Kansas

Big Iron Overland Rally offers a three-day event where you can pitch a tent overnight and enjoy a live concert experience, all while under the towering, historic Big Brutus electric shovel. At this overland rally, you can listen to notable guest speakers, browse exhibitors, and satiate your appetite at the beer garden and food trucks.

Overland Adventure Rallies


  • Northwest Overland Rally | June 20-24 | Plain, Washington
  • British Columbia Overland Rally | July 11-14 | Merritt, BC

Overland Adventure Rallies offers two events in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. At these overland rallies, you’re greeted with welcome cocktails, wine tastings, and certified instructors offering advanced 4WD driving courses. You can also learn how to spot trails and make repairs to your vehicle with welding skills. It’s the perfect event when you want to overland in style.

Rendezvous in the Ozarks

Dates: October 10-12, 2024
Where: Mulberry Mountain Lodge Ozark, Arkansas

The three-day Rendezvous in the Ozarks overland rally is growing in popularity, with a larger crowd expected to attend in 2024. Located in the beautiful Ozark National Forest, this overland rally offers a wonderful family-friendly event with primitive on-site camping, classes and presentations, guided trail runs, and lots of vendor booths and product demos to keep you entertained for days.

The Pilgrimage

Dates: October 3-6, 2024
Where: South Royalton, Vermont

With a basecamp at Henderson’s Highway along the White River, the Pilgrimage overland rally offers a picturesque setting with colorful fall foliage in early October. Experience navigating ancient highways and trails with a range of experience levels while accessing local Vermont foods (like fresh maple syrup). Also, with a designated camping area for those with young children, this is a great family-friendly overland rally.

Copperstate Overland

Dates: October 12-16, 2024
Where: Southern Arizona

Copperstate Overland shakes things up each year, offering a new overland route to explore. Unlike other rallies, this one offers a top-notch driving experience that’s fully catered. Perfect for overlanders who prefer a more luxurious first-class adventure.

overland ground tent with a truck at night

More Overlanding Resources to Explore

The above lists are just some of the overland expos and rallies with concrete dates for 2024. There are many more yearly events with dates yet to be announced, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements by following and exploring a few of the resources we’ve gathered below:

The Compass – Overland Expo’s blog offers lots of tips and resources to learn everything you possibly can about overlanding.

The Overland Journal – Listen to this podcast on your travels! A perfect way to make the hours fly by until you reach your destination.

Overland Bound – An annual membership group with access to a forum, regional Facebook groups, and even trip-planning software.



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