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How To Have A Socially Distanced Summer That's Still Super Fun

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We have great news, friends: Summer is NOT canceled! It’s true! Even though the contents of the earth feel a little bit shaken up, stirred around, and tipped upside down, the actual planet we live on has been doing its thing and making its regular journey around the sun. And we are so here for it. So mask up, grab your hand sanitizer, and prepare to have a socially distanced summer that’s still SUPER fun. We, at Life inTents, have some ideas…keep reading.


GO CAMPING!- Is it safe? Relatively speaking, camping is one of the safest forms of recreation right now. It isn’t completely without a level of risk, but there are ways to enhance your safety, and thereby increase your relaxation and enjoyment! Think outside the typical camping experience and avoid overcrowded campgrounds and recreation hot spots. We love finding new places on Hipcamp and iOverlander. Wear masks indoors and when sharing closer spaces with people who are outside of your quarantine fam. Be prepared to be self-sufficient. Bring water instead of filling up at shared, public water faucets. Bring food so less time is spent popping in to convenience stores. Stay in small groups and keep your distance from your camping neighbors. And when you hear their campfire songs begin to rise up through the trees toward your own campsite, join in and sing along!

HIT THE BEACH! - The extensive sands and endless water at the beach sounds pandemic-friendly in theory, but little beach towns can get quickly overrun by out-of-towners, which makes finding space to spread out a bit tricky. So how do you get sandy safely? Head on out to the beach earlier in the day when it’s less crowded, and be prepared to leave as more people begin to arrive. If you plan on making a full day of it, keep your gear light and hoof it farther down the beach so that you’re not right by the parking lot, which is where most crowds tend to gather. Avoid creating circumstances that might bring you into the midst of other peoples’ play areas. Leash your dog. Keep your frisbee tosses close. And splash friends from a distance.


EAT AND BE MERRY! - Summertime BBQs, potlucks, and picnics fill our hearts and bellies with joy and love. Now is the time for familiar comfort food and enjoying the nostalgic nibbles of summer. Safely. Share in the planning and preparing of summertime favorites with your quarantine fam, like grilled corn on the cob, grandma’s perfect potato salad, and fresh berry popsicles. Host a socially-distanced recipe-only potluck outdoors with friends who are outside your quarantine fam. Bring and consume your own food, and share your recipes with friends!

VIP CONCERT!- Who do you want to see in concert and where do you want to see them? Because right now just might be the best chance to get lost inside an epic set list by your favorite musical artists. Find your venue (backyards are a big hit these days!), set up a 360° sun shade and stream a live concert in the comfort of your own VIP lounge. We can think of at least 3 bonuses to livestream concerts: Bonus #1: No long bathroom lines! Bonus #2: Cheaper drinks! Bonus #3: The best seat in the whole house, and no one’s giant head in the way. 😆Here’s a list of livestream events that’s being updated weekly.

Brand new to Life inTents: The Umbrah Sun Shade!



BE NEIGHBORLY! - Seems like in summertime there’s a big urge to run away from it all. Get out of town and “escape” to somewhere new. What if we we took that energy and looked at our own neighborhoods with immersive, wondrous eyes? Hopping on that neglected bicycle and touring the community with camera in hand to see your town as others see it. Setting a regular time for an evening stroll so that you can routinely wave to neighbors as you pass on sidewalks, or converse at a distance in driveways. Maybe the best summer memories don’t come from escaping home, but from rediscovering it. We hope no matter where you go (or don’t go) this summer you find love, laughter, and an appreciation for the boundless opportunity that this season offers.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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