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Camping vs. Glamping - Different Strokes For Different Folks

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Glamping V. Camping (from our POV)

Am I Glamping? Am I camping? Get out your pencils and make your selection and find out…are you camping or are you glamping!

Question 1: Are you outside?
Question 2: Are you communing with nature and connecting with others?
Question 3: Does it matter if you are camping or glamping if you answered yes to questions 1 & 2 as it sounds like you are having a blast?

The real answer is that this can be a subjective response of camping versus camping but we can provide some guidelines for each.

backyard camping tent

Let’s Start With Camping:

One of our new favorite things is to collect the vintage nature and camping books that illuminate camping ideas and techniques from before the internet was born (such a time!) that were relied on by generations before. (Check out the Campfire Girls, Scouting Guides, etc.) Not only do they have epic throwback pics and illustrations, they also offer a view into some real roughing it situations in the camping spectrum that need to be honored. This is pre-nylon tents and hoity toity camp gear one finds in the REIs of the world. This was all in, nature-will-provide camping, that many still enjoy today in the backpacking communities. We honor.

This also helps remind us that there is a spectrum of types of camping alone that demonstrates the level of subjectivity involved in this question. There is backcountry camping, there is car camping, there is campsite camping, survival camping, winter camping, rooftop camping, canoe camping, primitive camping…

So to start, there is a lot of different ways to camp. And, one way, is to glamp.

So What Is Glamping?

The word glamping, glamourous camping as it began, has become one of our major goals over here at Life inTents…in 2016, this made-up mash-up word made it to an official, Mirriam-Webster approved, bonafide no autocorrect when I type it, word. As of 2016, this verbal concoction became official reaching one of the major goals at Life inTents. We love to make up words and one day, one day, one of these words will reach this pinnacle! You have our word! (Get it!)

Glamping bathub

Glamping, in our opinion, is an approach to the age-old pastime for searching shelter in nature and a break from the hassle and conveniences of the modern world…but bringing a little of that modern world with you…It is a hybrid model if you will. It combines the appreciation of being and sleeping outside (yes!) along with a touch of glamour and comfort that provides a different type of experience and for some, a more approachable way to begin a camping lifestyle.

And let the subjectivity continue! Even within the term glamping, there are several interpretations of this that are worthy and can be considered as part of this category. For example, for some, a glamping tent experiences is when you have headroom in your tent and you are not sleeping directly on the floor. For others, it conjures images of a foam bed with all the fixings, running water, electricity, and heck, 24-hour concierge service. Both glamping.

Isn’t that the joy of it all? Just like the long list of camping styles, there is also a comprehensive review of types and styles of glamping including upgraded vintage trailers, tiny homes, stylish canvas tents, treehouses, outdoor bathtubs overlooking a rainforest. You name it, there is an opportunity to glamp how you want to and we honor the creativity and unique customizations so many have applied to this style of hospitality and outdoor appreciation.

Glamping Resources:

Our friends at Glamping Hub have it covered from coast to coast, and around the globe, whatever you can imagine in the way of “luxurious camping,” on their portal. A great place to get inspired…and then to book!

Autocamps are also killing it in providing glamping locations and amenities across the country from Airstreams to mod cabins to wall tents. Our favorite is the base camp lounge and general store they feature where mornings find free coffee while thumbing through a design book sitting on an Eames-style chair. Affirmed. You are glamping.

Autocamp family glamping

While we can focus on the differences, at Life inTents, we like to remind people that there is still camping in glamping. And that is awesome. The basics are about connecting with others and nature. Chandeliers not required, but lovely. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world where we can do either!

Want to glamp whenever you darn please? Want to appreciate this new past time under some canvas? Starts with a fancy bell tent (that headroom and more!) and we got them!  Then check out how to decorate a glamping tent and consider adding a wood tent stove for that added comfort.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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