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Barebones Field Hatchet Review and Spotlight

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OK, camp is set! Canvas tents are up, sleeping pads and bags are looking cozy, chairs and tables are arranged. Now to light that fire…which would be a lot easier if we had starter wood (UGH). I will admit it, this is me! I’m the one who thinks of everything on camping trips. I make lists, pack the car, do it all. But, over and over again I get to this point and find myself trying to pull apart wood like I’m in a scene from the new Thor movie.
barebones hatchet

Having a proper wood axe that is always with your gear is a necessity that even the most avid campers tend to forget. Once you discover the Barebones Field Hatchet, like I did, you will look forward to splitting wood like a pro for years to come!

barebones camping axe

This Barebones hatchet is crafted for precision, mixing a classic and sleek look with a modern design. It has a blackened steel blade, complimented by a handsome hickory handle. Sturdy, yet lightweight and compact, this durable hatchet will be your new best friend.

The 4” high carbon steel blade also has a 1” hammer on the back side. The 17” axe handle is comfortable to hold and is a perfect length; short enough to swing with one hand, yet long enough to create power at a safe distance. It also includes is protective polyester sheath for the blade. Total weight of the small Barebones axe is 1.2 lbs.

barebones axe

The Barebones hatchet can also be re-handled. If it is necessary to re-handle, simply insert the new handle through the head of the hatchet. The head should start to get snug towards the thicker portion of the handle, toward the top. To set it, turn the hatchet on its head and while holding onto the handle, drop the hatchet from about a foot onto a solid surface. After about five or six times, the head will set firmly. Another method is to firmly hold your hatchet upside down while carefully pounding onto a hard surface (like a tree stump). Use this same method if your original head comes loose. Also note, as the hatchet is used the head will further set itself.  

I highly recommend watching this short YouTube video on how to set and/or replace your Field Hatchet handle.

To keep the axe blade like new, you can apply a thin coat of protective oil after each use. Wipe clean of dirt, water, and fingerprints regularly. Use a medium to fine file to straighten out any larger dings or nicks on the blade. The edge can be honed with a medium sharpening disk or stone.

Go get yourself a Barebones Field Hatchet and feel like a true hero!

Joe Pagano
Joe Pagano

As the Director or Co-Operations with LiT, Joe has an unyielding energy to be inspired. With over 10 years of experience in team building and events this guy is a well organized & dynamic bulldog.

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