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What Is A Bell Tent?

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Is it a yurt? Is it a tent? What exactly is a bell tent??? Great question. A bell tent may look like a yurt (if it’s like waaaay in the distance and you’re squinting), and it is indeed a type of tent, just not like the kind of tent you see when scrolling through emojis. Simply put, a bell tent is a multipurpose shelter with a single central pole and canvas exterior that is used for camping, glamping, events, and so. much. MORE. Come. Let us show you…

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A Bell Tent Is A Home Away From Home

We’ve all heard it said that there’s growth in discomfort. Wise words. But, we also know that growth can be exhausting, and sometimes you just need to put your feet up and get comfy. Feel free to quote us.

A bell tent is a simple but super smart design that allows for the comfiest of accommodations, so you can put your feet up no matter where adventure takes you. A single center pole is at the heart of it all, another pole supports the doorway, and guy lines extend the canvas walls outward, creating a stable structure with an open, roomy interior, and windows that cast an inviting glow on a comfy, homey space.

Features and Benefits Of A Bell Tent

A home away from home needs to be sturdy and reliable, and that starts from the inside. Life inTents fern-weh bell tents have strong and sturdy bones, designed to withstand sun, rain, sleet, snow, and wind gusts of 50+mph! We know. It gets inTents, right?

Structure & Durability

  • A 10’ center bamboo pole

  • 12 powerfully secure rebar stakes - tough enough to penetrate rock beds

  • 12 thick and reflective guy line ropes with aluminum sliders to tighten the canvas structure

  • Dye-free, 100% natural cotton, double-stitched canvas, treated to resist mold and mildew

  • 16’ diameter (210 sq ft)

  • PVC 19 oz. rip stop zippered floor

  • Aerodynamic design

  • Treated for flame retardancy to meet CPAI-84 standards

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Everyone needs a home away from home, eventually. Because of the circular design, the interior of a bell tent is incredibly spacious. It can easily fit two queen sized beds (plus the bodies that want to sleep in them and all their gear), or up to eight sleeping bags for bigger parties.

Simplicity & Versatility

  • Sets up in under 20 minutes (it’s true! watch!)

  • Packs down into a single waterproof duffle bag (total weight is 105 lbs)

  • Can be used year-round, in any climate

  • Can be used with a woodstove

  • Can be used in at least this many ways:

    • A family camping tent (to be enjoyed for generations!)

    • A pop-up guest bedroom (oh hey, cousin Al …)

    • Birthday parties (let’s take this shindig outside!)

    • Events and festivals (as booth space, tent space, hang out space, art space, etc.)

    • Glamping (you so fancy)

    • As a hunting tent (have we mentioned it’s woodstove-capable?)

    • Retreats (ohm)

    • Corporate team-building (ideation centers)


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Home Economics

A bell tent is, as mentioned, a home away from home. Which means you don’t want to find your home falling apart due to bad bones, shoddy craftmanship, or poor materials. A bell tent from Life inTents is designed and built to last for generations, tested under the rigours of life in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve invested in creating a structure that is weather-resistant and easy to maintain, and when properly taken care of, a canvas bell tent can last for a limetime. (Oh and hey, we offer a limited lifetime warranty!) All of this to say, your purchase of a Life inTents Bell Tent is going to pay off. You can even MAKE MONEY by integrating your bell tent into a peer to peer rental option like Airbnb or Hipcamp. Bell tents make affordable and attractive alternatives to building a tiny home or guest house, and pay for themselves quickly.


Home, Home On The Wherever

We know it takes more than sturdy bones and a sexy canvas exterior to make a home. But that’s a pretty darn good start, don’t ya think? The certifiable homishness factor can be found in the details that you decide to include when setting up your bell tent. And because you’ve got that spacious interior, that soft, diffused natural light, and those protective elements of the bell tent structure, a bell tent can easily become a practical, functional space wherever you need it. Check out this slideshow for some of the details we like to include when setting up a bell tent as a home away from home. How will you set up your bell tent?

Life inTents On Location

A huge thank you to Walt at Windward Education and Research Center in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge for being such a gracious and informative host to our Life inTents crew. Walt and team have created something remarkable with their sustainability research co-op (You can visit and camp there! Find it on Hipcamp!) And to Bernie the beloved fence-jumper, we wish you belly rubs, chin scratches, and a big, filthy stick to chew on. Thanks for keeping us company.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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