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Tips For Romantic Tent Times

April 14, 2021 3 min read

Is your love in tents?

A romantic retreat inside a canvas bell tent will be a date night like no other. A canvas tent offers an intimate and beautiful space to create shared memories that you’ll be smiling about for the rest of your lives. Maybe you’ve got your eye on a destination experience where a canvas tent will already be set up and waiting for you and your love. Or, you may be thinking of renting a canvas tent for a special couple’s weekend (ahem … Valentine’s Day?), or perhaps you’re thinking of investing in a canvas tent of your own to keep as a pop-up guest room, or for convenient escapes with your love that are only a backyard away.

Some Like It Hot

“I’ve got my love to keep me warm.”Yes, this is true, but we just bet that your love is gonna need to disentangle at some point (as will you!), so you’ll want to make sure that your canvas tent stays warm even when you’re not attached at the hip to the person you love to love. If the weather is still on the cooler side, here are some ways you lovebirds can nestle in comfortably to your canvas tent:

Tent-Safe Heaters - A small tent-safe heater is about as easy as it gets. Just plug it in, turn the dial, and you’ll be toasty warm in minutes.

Use A Wood Stove - One of the beauties of a canvas bell tent like the Fernweh or the Stella is that you can have an actual woodburning stove to keep you warm. Plus, when it comes to romance, the crackle of tinder in a woodstove is about as lovely a soundtrack as there is!

Want some other ways to stay extra cozy? Curl up outside the tent in front of a campfire (we love the portability of Solo Stove) with a shared blanket and binge-watch the stars together. Keep your toes cozy by pre-heating the bed inside your tent with an electric blanket, or with a hot water bottle.

photo credit: @jaymeelynnphotography

photo credit: @jaymeelynnphotography

Play Inside

Unlike backpacking or car camping where the tent is the place you crash for the night after a day of play, a canvas bell tent is the place you’ll want to stay to play! If you plan on creating a romantic getaway inside a canvas tent for you and your sweetheart, here are a few easy elements that go a long way in setting the mood for fun.

  • Flameless Candles and Fairy Lights - Our canvas tents are CPAI-84 compliant for flame-resistance, but still, we recommend going flameless to allow the peace of mind that lets you keep your attention on one another, instead of on fire safety.

  • Bring In The Outside - Bring in a little touch of the outdoors, a sprig of herbs, a fragrant bough, or a clutch of wildflowers for a sweet romantic touch. If it’s snowing, maybe leave it outside though …

  • Go Cinematic - If your canvas tent has power, you can easily set up a projector to create a comfortable and private theatre space directly on the door. Pop some corn over the outdoor campfire and then take your pick from the very best seats in the house!

  • Tune In - Find or create that perfect playlist and bring a bluetooth speaker to amplify the joyful noise. No speaker? Prop up your phone inside a large bowl that’s been placed on its side to act as a bounce for sound. Yes, this absolutely works.

  • Say Cheese - Go analog and bring along a Polaroid to snap candids of your canvas tent couple’s retreat. You’ll enjoy distraction-free snapping and they’ll be sweet mementos from your getaway.

  • Serenade - Bring your guitar or ukulele (or if you’re John Cusack, your boom box) and demonstrate your love through the timeless art of the serenade.

  • It’s In The Cards - Offer each other tarot readings and see what the present offers and what the future holds. More time in tents, we assume. 🔮

  • In Service To Love - If food and drink are an essential part of your love language, offer each other bedside breakfast in the morning. There’s nothing quite like waking up inside a cozy canvas tent with your one true love: a cup of piping hot coffee.

Life in Tents-107.jpg

Isn’t It Romantic?

Time shared inside a canvas tent truly is romantic. There’s an extra glow from the diffused light, an air of cozy intimacy, and endless creative possibilities for enjoying the private retreat space of a canvas bell tent. Ready to make a date? Reach out for rental information, or to order a canvas tent to call your own.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

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