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The Economy Of Sharing

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“Sharing is caring” is our favorite cliché. Because isn’t it though? Unlike the traditional company model that relies on hierarchy and hiring employees and churning out product after product to sell to consumers, the sharing economy relies on using what people have, and making it available to other people. The sharing economy prioritizes peer to peer relationships, maximizes shared value, and celebrates uniqueness over mass production.

People have been sharing for ages -- a cup of sugar here, a hedge trimmer there -- but it’s only with the fairly recent emergence of new technologies, apps, and platforms like Lyft and Airbnb that have made the economy of sharing not only possible, but easy. And that trend has done nothing but go up up up! It’s estimated that in a 12 year time frame — between 2013 and 2025 — sharing economy revenue will have increased by 2133%*! Compare that with the familiar corporation to consumer model, which will be about 39.6%, and from a fiscal perspective alone it’s easy to see the opportunity.

But the rewards from participating in the sharing economy mean more than making money. When people share what they have, there’s opportunity for real, authentic human connection. Relationships are built, stories are shared, and communities grow. When it comes to travel, vacations, camping, glamping, road-tripping, and finding unique places to stay, Airbnb has the best tools for helping hosts and guests find and succeed with one another.



If you have been considering becoming an Airbnb host, but aren’t really sure where or how to start, we have a suggestion. Start with adding a canvas tent to your property as a guest space. Guest demand for tent stays is on a steady rise. Searches for tent stays on Airbnb have increased more than tenfold from 2017 to 2019. Even during these challenging times, Airbnb hosts have been able to offer Covid-safe travel options, particularly with tent stays, that are attracting guests. Canvas tents offer privacy, convenience, social distance, and all-weather durability — which means guests can seek their escape to your unique stay no matter what the weather or state of the world. All that’s needed is a minimum of 400 square feet on your property and you can have a fully functional, comfortable guest retreat in minutes with the addition of a fernweh bell tent. The fernweh is a luxuriously spacious pop-up guest house that can fit one or two queen size beds, four twin sized beds, or up to eight sleeping bags without being crowded. The whole kit — bell tent, poles, guy lines, and footprint — fits inside one durable zippered duffel bag and sets up in about 20 minutes. It’s free to list your unique tent space on Airbnb. And once you start welcoming guests to your tent stay, hosts are only charged a flat 3% per reservation. You have full control of the availability of your tent stay, your prices, house rules, and how you choose to interact with guests.

Are you already an Airbnb host? Then you know how easy it is to reach a global guest community by offering what you love and what you have through the sharing economy. Increase your reach and capacity by adding guest space with a Fernweh bell tent and you’ll also increase opportunities for connection, as well as increase revenue potential. Top-performing Airbnb tent hosts in North America earned on average $15,000 per tent listing in 2019. The relationships built and the memories made are harder to quantify than dollars, but guest reviews reveal a depth of  intrinsic value and sincere appreciation for hosts who offer unique tent stays on Airbnb.



There are now over 9,800 tent stays globally on Airbnb, each unique, a diverse array of stay options from rustic to luxurious. Guests are drawn to stays in tents for their spacious yet intimate interiors, proximity to the outdoors, privacy, and sheer fun! Canvas tent stays are perfect for honeymoons and anniversaries, family vacations, professional or personal retreats, or simply a place to stop en route to wherever is next. Being a guest in an Airbnb tent stay is also a wonderful way to sample the glamping life. And then maybe one day, you’ll be inclined to invest in a canvas tent of your own, and go full circle by joining the sharing economy as an Airbnb tent host.

Considering a tent stay as a guest? Below is sampling of unique tent stays on Airbnb.

 Interested in becoming a canvas bell tent Airbnb host? List your space here on Airbnb.

 Interested in becoming a canvas bell tent Airbnb host?

As an Airbnb partner, we earn when you create a listing and Host on Airbnb. We then donate 100% of our earnings to theNational Coalition for the Homeless! We all win.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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