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The Best Forest School Tent For Outdoor Learning
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April 14, 2021 2 min read

Outdoor School Tents That Make Sense For Micro-Schools

This year, many families are seeking alternative ways to educate their children in a safe environment. Providing a child with their education outdoors is becoming increasingly the logical alternative to the confined space of a traditional school room.

Outdoor schooling engages young children in a way like no other, by allowing them to experience the magic of the forest while learning valuable social (responsibility) skills.

While much of the time is spent exploring the natural world, activity times (and weather) will require protection. We have a couple of great options for creating an outdoor school tent shelter, both providing 212 square feet of space with their 16.4 foot diameters. The perfect micro-school tent or homeschool tent.

The Fernweh™ Canvas Cottage Tent


This durable, waterproof, and versatile tent has several features that make perfect as a forest school tent:

-Screened windows and door. 4 screen windows and the door can be opened by simply unzipping and rolling back the canvas.

-360 degree ventilation screen around the perimeter of the tent. When you need more ventilation, simply unzip the lower portion of the wall and roll up the canvas. Or go even further and roll up the screen - eliminating the wall canvas and screen walls all together.

-High, 29.5” side wallsallow for greater tent space for the little learners and for tables and chairs

-Dedicated power cord access point. At the rear of the tent is a zippered access point that allows for solar power cords to enter the tent.

-Quick to set-up, taking about 20 minutes. Play the video to see how it’s done.

-Loads of room! With 212 square feet and a 10 foot center pole, adults and children alike will have have distance to move about in their micro school tent.

Learn more about our Fernweh bell tent here to see if it a could be a good fit as your forest school tent.

TheUmbrah Rain + Shade Kit

Easily enough comfortable seating for 10+


Though not fully enclosed, our Umbrah Rain Shade is a great alternative outdoor school tent that will keep the group dry and cool. The Umbrah shade kit is traditionally used over our Fernweh tent, but is versatile enough to be used on its own as a homeschool tent.

Once set-up, the shade provides over 212 square feet of space, under its 10 foot center pole - making a solid outdoor school canopy.

The shade is a simple, yet durable design, that includes our tent fly, center pole, door pole, guy lines, and powerful stakes.

Watch the video to see how quick it is to set-up and transport around your property or using as a homeschool tent

Check out more details about the Umbrah Rain Shade kit hereto see if it could be a good forest school awning for you.

Blue Stout
Blue Stout

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