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Supporting Stand Up For Kids, San Diego

August 01, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments


Home is the communities we live in. It's the friends, family, and neighbors who share so much and, at the very least, share the familiarity of being locals. The Life inTents family considers a few places home, and one of those homes is San Diego, California. In addition to our ongoing mission to extend camplete campassion far and wide through our canvas tent sales, it is also our intention to support regional initiatives, showing camplete campassion in the multiple local communities our team calls home.

This month Life inTents pledges to support Stand Up for Kids, San Diego, a national non-profit organization that began in San Diego in 1990, and now serves 19 local communities throughout the US. Stand Up for Kids is dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness in local communities through these 4 programs:

  • Outreach Drop-In Center
  • Street Outreach
  • Mentoring
  • Housing Support

Volunteers and staff empower homeless and at-risk youth toward lifelong personal growth, and create in these youth a sincere belief in themselves through open, straightforward counseling, mentoring, and life-skills training. 

The Stand Up for Kids, San Diego team poses for a group photo, everyone is wearing a purple ball cap.  image via standupforkids.org/sandiego


Stand Up For Kids national impact in 2020

(source: standupforkids.org)


  • We have been a trusted entity for youth since 1990. We are approaching our third decade.
  • We are not one-size-fits-all. Local programs respond to the needs of their communities and build services with a combination of support from national and local experts.
  • We work not just with minors, but with youth through the age of 25. We recognize that there are few developmentally appropriate services to serve young people after 18 in the adult homeless system, so we don’t turn our backs like others do when youth ‘age out’ of most other programs.
  • We have low-to-no barriers to accessing care, recognizing that sometimes the hardest thing a youth will do is recognize they need help. We are in no position to turn them away, regardless of what they’ve been through that year, that week, or that day.
  • We celebrate differences, embracing all youth regardless of race, ethnicity, ancestry, skin color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, relationship status, personal appearance, family roles, political affiliation, or disability.
  • Youth tell us what is most important to them and what they would like from us. Not the other way around. They set the goals and we meet them where they’re at.
  • All of our volunteers are interviewed, thoroughly trained, and screened.
  • Every local program was started by a core group of volunteers. Most of our programs are still run by people who offer their skills and leadership talents on a pro bono basis.

(source: facebook.com/standup4kidsnational)   


It is our deep belief that everyone deserves shelter, and that no one should feel alone. This month 10% of sales from all Camp Furnishings + $10 from each sale of our CAMPlete CAMPassion Trucker Hat will go directly to support Stand Up for Kids, San Diego. 

A graphic that shows the front and back side of a white trucker hat, embroidered with the words "camplete campassion", plus camp furnishings like a canvas butterfly chair and folding camp foot stool.


Life inTents will provide a summary of our financial donation from these August sales in a future email to newsletter subscribers. 

Kelli Martinelli
Kelli Martinelli

Kelli believes that experiences > things, and loves helping others make memories. [Former] Freelance communications strategist for small brands with big heart. Love bigger. Reach farther.

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