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Our Favorite App For Finding Camping
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April 14, 2021 2 min read

As families look for local travel opportunities and ways to get out while staying safe, camping has become a popular choice.  But figuring out how to camp has been a bit chaotic. Whether you are trying to plan a road trip or a weekend camping trip, we have found an app that makes finding camping and planning trips easy.

The Dyrt campground search

At this point, if you’re an avid camper, you have probably heard of The Dyrt.  Search “camping” in the app store and it will be the first app to show up.  But, even if you’ve already heard of it—or even downloaded the app—chances are you haven’t done a deep dive into the plethora of features this app has to offer.

A few facts about The Dyrt:

  • The largest US campground database on the Internet.

  • The most user-submitted campground reviews.

  • The top ranked app for Camping in both iOS and Google Play stores.

As both the newest and largest campground database on the web, The Dyrt has a lot to offer.  With all of their information on campgrounds, they help you find the best camping options for you to choose from. Remember to use the provided filters so you can get all the amenities you need and remove the ones you don’t want. Select from filters like “fires allowed” or “pets allowed” to make sure your trip runs smoothly, pups and s’mores included!

The Dyrt PRO

The Dyrt’s premium app, The Dyrt PRO is a must for planning a camp road trip. Built for avid campers of all types from weekend warrior tent campers to full time RVers. A few facts about The Dyrt PRO:

THe Dyrt Pro App
Camping Trip Planning App
Camping map
Campground reservations

The Dyrt PRO offers the same ability to easily find camping but with the added bonus of being able to download maps so you can search for campgrounds even when you don’t have service.  And as mentioned above, it also offers a PRO Trip Planner which allows you to plan an entire roadtrip in minutes. Simply, add your starting and ending locations, and this feature will automatically find highly-rated campgrounds and gas stations along your route!  For those who prefer to be “out there” with no amenities, PRO has Map Layers which show you where you can camp for free on public lands—BLM, U.S. Forest Service, and National Parks.  Last, but not least, having PRO allows you to receive great discounts (up to 40%) on both outdoor gear brands and campground fees at select campgrounds.

Whether you are ready to break out of the backyard or spend more days sleeping on the forest floor than you do in a bed, our new favorite camping app is sure to have features that will help you spend more time outside and less time searching for a campsite.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

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