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Life inTents Bell Tent Reviews - Customer Canvas Tent Testimonials

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Are you looking for reviews of our glamping tents?  You can find them on our individual product pages and on Etsy.  To make it easier, we pulled a bunch of them onto this page so that you can see what our customers have been saying about them!  All are verified and real - simply copied and pasted below!

life in tents reviews
complete list of LIT tent and camping tent gear reviews.

Glamping business success

We use these tents for our glamping business and every loves them. They are sturdy in high wind and rain and people love how they have windows to ventilate in the summer. We have been using them for 6 months now and can put them up in about 15-20 minutes. We love these tents!!!

- Tameika R.

Quick Delivery & Excellent Quality

First of all, I was not expecting the tent to come as quickly as it did. So that was a nice surprise. It took me probably an hour to put it up the 1st time. I’m a 30 yr old female & had a 4 year old‚ son help. My family is loving the tent so far!

-Shelby S.

These tents are AWESOME

We are using tents for a glamping business so our tents are up for a long time. This is the second time we have ordered from life in tents. I have not put these new tents up so can only evaluate the three we bought these have been up 1-7 months. The tents on the platforms are having no real issues. They are amazing! The one on the ground is the best seller! I love these tents. We do get 55 mile an hour winds here and it is hard on the tents. But NO OTHER tent has ever survived this weather and these are awesome! I have a tear on the windward edge of each post on the tent on the ground but it is also the one tent that is out in the open and we totally did not think it would last a month. We have figured it out that instead of staking with the foundation we need to also stake from the canvas (there is a bungee -like hair tie not sure what it is for) anyway we just restated to the canvas and are confident it will make all the difference. These tents are AWESOME

- Rebecca W.

Awesome Bell Tent

1) This tent survived a tropical storm

2) Brandy was super amazing when I needed it shipped FAST across the country.

3) These tents are amazing, the quality is superior. Really sturdy. You actually could live in one of these tents. I have had other teepee tents from different companies in the past. The material is just way better.

4) Really easy to set up- less than 1 hr.


- Lorraine K.

Love it!!!

My experience with the Life in Tents team has been nothing short of fantastic. The tent itself is everything I expected: sturdy, well made, attractive and so functional. I’ve furnished it with a king size mattress, some rag rugs on the floor, and a wicker chair. My niece just told me it looks like a fairy tale.

The tent arrived quickly after placing my order, and the team is wonderful with email support.



Our experience with life in tents was epic. The customer service is of a quality we don’t see very often anymore. I will recommend life in tents to anybody interested in purchasing a good quality tent from a great company.

-Dave Z.

Canvas Tent Review

I have rented the tent in the past so was familiar with the set up. I tested the water proof quality of the canvas with my hose and the tent stayed dry inside. I gave it a good soaking. First time set up took me a little long (75 minutes) but that will improve. Great product!

-Mark L.

Perfect Glamping Birthday

Customer service was awesome. Tent was delayed because of FedEx issue Joe send me a tent overnight so I’d be sure to have it for my event. The tent was gorgeous and big enough for 5 teens.

-Michelle P. 

A+ Customer Service

I have nothing but good things to say about this company & the tent! There were some issues with shipping, which was all on FedExs side, & the customer service that came from Life InTents was nothing short of amazing. They did everything they could to make sure my tent was to me in time for a big anniversary surprise for my parents! I would most definitely order from them again!! The quality of the tent was amazing and I know that my parents will get so much use and many years out of their tent!

- Mckell

Quality canvas tent!

Beautifully made. Very nice and high quality material. I can't wait to use it after all of this California ash is done falling!



This bell tent is incredible! So well made & Brandy has been so lovely to deal with, he went out of his way to accommodate our time constraints in receiving the tent! We set this up in our yard so my parents could spend their 50th wedding anniversary week together with us during these challenging times of Covid. They are not campers and could not have been more comfortable in this tent! Absolutely not a single mosquito. It was very, very hot during their stay and tent stayed cool with the fan. Thank you Brandy & Life In Tents!!!

- sguinan7

Exceeded expectations

We can't thank Life inTents enough for the tent. It has exceeded our expectations and made our camping trip look like something out of a magazine! We (unexpectedly) tested its storm proofing and were surprised by the tents waterproofing and secured anchors. The tent withstood a water front storm which tore down large trees and everything! We remained cozy, dry and unharmed. On top of it all, Brandy made sure our tent shipped out right away so that it came in time for our trip. This is by far the best purchase I've made in a very long time!

- Krista

A dream!

We just put this up and it’s stunning! I’m excited to have guests stay in this tent! Very beautiful and well made. Love the poles they include to hold up the tent walls. So smart!

- Keshia 

Best purchase of the Year

I purchased this tent because i had 12 family members staying for 3 weeks and needed additional room. This tent is so large we were able to put in a California King size bed and still have room for night stands, chairs and luggage - with a big screen tv. it was so comfy and popular everyone took turns sleeping in it. i am thinking of getting another one for next summer as well.



My partner and I camped in it last week and fell in love with Stella.

She was easy to put up. Gorgeous to look at. I’m thrilled and thinking about buying 1-2 more!
Thank you. More please.

- Lauren W.

Water Proof 

This tent is just amazing. Completely water resistant.

We had high winds and heavy rains the first week we put up the tent. Not one drop of water inside the tent.

I had purchased a 20’ Bell tent from Amazon, it leaked so bad after the first storm we mopped half a bucket of water. I sent it back to Amazon and purchased your tent.

Just amazing and peace of mind knowing our things will not be damaged. Thank you.

- Antonio


I am so happy with this purchase. This tent is simply a work of art. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Its construction is top notch, very high quality and the engineering is so thoughtful. The ability to change the airflow configurations (completely close, screen, completely open) is really convenient and easy to do. This thing is going to last a long time. I've had it setup for over 1 month now in a semi sunny spot and there is no sign of any water leaking or mold growth. I'm very happy with this purchase.

-Scott O.


I had been researching heavy duty bell tents and as many manufacturers and details as I could find for days and was so glad I found your website. We bought the 20' timberline exchange bell tent plus lots of accessories for it including the mat, the fly, an extra door, extra stakes, the roof jack and a footprint. I was thrilled to find a company that had: taller side walls, fire retardant, thicker canvas and floor, and a fly. I had found several that had 1 or 2 of those but none that had all 4. I also love that this tent has both a wall jack and a roof jack. I also love the included poles for the outside of the walls at each guy rope hold location. And the replaceable door is a huge plus as well - I imagine that's the first thing that eventually needs replaced due to much use. We also purchased a large double view winnerwell stove with multiple accessories to be able to heat the tent and add light and ambiance and cook food and heat water indoors. Another reason we went with you was the excellent customer service. Joe is awesome. I cannot say enough about his responses and his response time. I have multiple messages out to other tent companies that remain unresponded to. They either never replied or they replied partially or they eventually stopped responding to the thread as I had multiple follow up questions that they got tired of or didn't know how to answer. We also love your website. We watched your videos and read your articles. I have a couple suggestions: 1. Include or offer carabiners. Where the guy ropes tie to the canvas loops in the tent, they friction cut the edge of the canvas loop. Our new tent already has wear here which we're sad about and don't know how to fix. It's minor because we've only used it once but with a lot of use it may eventually reach the stitching. A cool thing about your tents is that if ever a canvas loop got compromised, the rivets for the sidewall poles would work as a backup. We're buying small carabiners to prevent this from happening next time so it won't get any worse. The carabiner will clip to the canvas loop and the guy line rope will tie to the carabiner so that the rough surface of the rope, and the thin edge of the canvas loop never touch or oscillate against each other during movement caused by wind. Even an extra rope loop between the guy line rope and the canvas loop would help decrease this because I noticed that the wear only happened on the knot side of the loop and not the other side of that makes sense. We used a double half hitch knot. So it sort of pinched it and rubbed it. Caribiners are not too expensive or heavy and they can be multi use so we're going to go with that for the solution. We might even get one for each side of the guy line ropes so we can also attach one to the stake side of the rope to keep the rope out of the dirt when you want to pound the stake in all the way for maximum stability but still be able to adjust the guy line. I'm still trying to invent a replacement or modification or protection for the guy line rope metal adjuster pieces for when they go through freeze cycles. Meaning that when we camp in the winter and the guy lines and metal adjuster pieces get frozen water on them they won't be adjustable. 2. Include or strongly recommend an extra set of stakes with the rainfly. The rainfly has to tie to its own set of stakes, separate from the tent's stakes, set out at 7' to 8' from tent edge. Otherwise the underside of the rainfly will rub on the tip of the sidewall pole. This won't happen at every pole location depending on fly position and wind intensity and direction but it has the potential to happen at every sidewall pole location other than the one above the door and the ones nearest the door. It happened on ours at 3 sidewall pole locations and rubbed a coating or a layer off the underside of the fly at those locations. Hopefully this doesn't compromise the rainfly material at these locations or cause it to wear through prematurely. But with the tent stakes set at 3' to 5' away from the tent wall, and the fly stakes set at 7' to 8' from the tent wall that should give them a sufficient differential in pull angle from the peak to not come in contact with each other. And if I'm wrong, the back up plan is to remove the offending sidewall poles during windy conditions or invent a sidewall pole cap that has a surface and texture that won't harm the fly. I'm also trying to invent a way to use the fly and the stove at the same time. This may not be possible but next time we use it we are going to try to install the fly over about half of the tent with the other half folded over itself to leave the stove flu side uncovered if that makes sense because I don't think that fly can be anywhere near the heat of the flu and even if you could put a stove jack in it, it would still melt it. The rainfly also has to be place centered on the tent before doing any center pole lifting. Once the tent is up there's no safe or effective way to get the fly on or off. That's a good tip for an instructional video or article. I thought of it just before entering the laid out tent with the pole and it worked perfectly even though it didn't stay perfectly centered on the tent when I raised it. I was able to adjust it to center after raising. 3. Offer sandbags or loops to anchor to sand bags. These could be a good way to anchor stakes in poor ground conditions. I don't know if we'll ever do it but it would be cool to be able to set this tent up on the beach or on red rock or in a parking lot. It would just be cool to be able to set the tent up independent of ground conditions, be it too hard, too soft, or frozen. Even in good ground condition areas you cloud still hit 1 or 2 stake locations that won't work, in which case you could mix and match stakes and sand bags. This tent needs every single stake to work properly. And the reason we ordered sand bags instead of expensive screw stakes is because they're more versatile. Sand bags work in terrain that's too hard or too soft. Screws only work I'm ground that's optimal or too soft. Of course we'll use your stakes as the preferred method and only use the sandbags when we have to. But we haven't decided yet the best way to attach the guy lines to the sand bags which could be filled with sand, rocks, dirt, or ice to achieve the weight necessary to hold the force of the tent through the guy line. 4. The canvas skirt on the outside of the bottom of the sidewall is a great idea. Although I don't know how to fully take advantage of is usefulness because the sidewall poles prevent it from being staked in its extended position. But maybe it's meant to hang in place and does a lot of good in that position and doesn't necessarily need to be staked out. 5. Better SEO. For some reason I found your website at the tail end of my research. In fact we had tents in other companies' carts before finding your company. In fact, the way I found you was the search results to one of my queries suggested one of your bell tent camping articles. Halfway through reading the article I realized the authors of this article also make and sell the tents they're taking about. Until then I thought it was just a really nice article about how to camp with a bell tent. Then I searched a little more and found your full site and products available. And all that was after searching extensively for all the bell tent manufacturers I could find. 6. Don't have such tall people in your tent videos, it makes your tent look small. And your tents are huge. We love how big our timberline exchange bell tent is. I could write a list 5 times as long about the things i love about your tents. The list of positives far exceeds the list of suggestions. Thank you for being such an awesome company and such awesome people. We look forward to many days and nights enjoying our bell tent. Keep up the great work.


glamping tent on deck platform
glamping tent nice furniture inside
bell tent at night timberline exchange canvas tent


Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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