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How To Install A Stove Jack Flashing Kit On A Canvas Tent

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What is a wood stove flashing kit and why do you need one? 

Excellent question. If you're the proud and happy owner of a canvas tent, then you're about to be even prouder and happier once you've outfitted your canvas tent with a wood burning stove to stay warm, and a flashing kit to protect your tent by keeping out rainwater, and by providing added stability against the wind. 

If you own a canvas tent from Life inTents, then you'll notice your tent already has a preinstalled stove jack and a 4" pipe exit hole (which can be enlarged up to 6"). If your canvas tent doesn't have a preinstalled stove jack, then you'll need to create a pipe exit hole to fit your specific wood stove tent pipe. It's a pretty simple undertaking, especially if you have a friend to help out.  

Watch the video tutorial below, or scroll on to read the step-by-step instructions for how to install a stove jack flashing kit. 


This tutorial shows you how to install a wood stove flashing kit onto your canvas tent for use with a wood burning stove. The tent stove and flashing kit featured in this set-up should work with most canvas tents.*

*SAFETY NOTES: Always follow suggested tent placement provided by your selected wood stove manufacturer. You should also place a fireproof mat under the stove, clean the flue pipe regularly with a brush, place a carbon monoxide detector on the floor, and consider a wood stove thermometer.
  -We also suggest that a triple-wall pipe is used at the point of exit, where contact is made to the flashing kit to help lower the rate of heat that comes in contact with the silicone flashing - as an extra precaution!



  • A pencil or pen
  • A sharp knife blade
  • Scissors
  • 2 x wrench/es, socket/s, or plier/s
  • The exit section of stove pipe
  • A friend (not required, but makes it easier, depending on the friend ...)


stove jack flashing kit contents by life intents


This particular stove jack flashing kit is made of silicone and stainless steel and protects stove pipe temperatures up to 455°F.

  • Dual stainless steel rings secure flashing 
  • Includes 6 included wing-nuts, screws & bolts (wing nuts are new in 2024)
  • Adjustable to fit from 2.5" to 6.25" stove pipes
  • Outer diameter of metal ring: 9.5"
  • Inner diameter of metal ring: 7.25"
  • Total weight: 1.5 lbs.

Here's what it will look like after you've successfully installed your stove jack flashing kit. Hot stuff, right? 

a red silicone flashing against a silver stainless steel flashing and a metal stove pipe poke through the top of a canvas tent



Ready? Let's get fit! You'll want to cut the silicone flashing to fit the flue pipe just right, so here's how:

    1. Insert a section of the flue pipe into the silicone flashing exit.
    2. Fold the silicone into the flue to determine how much material you'll need to remove.
    3. Use a box knife or scissors to trim the silicone down to the desired diameter.

someone is using a box cutter to trim an orange silicone flashing to fit the stove pipe


Now that you have the silicone flashing trimmed to fit, track down that hopefully-helpful friend of yours and let's get this baby installed! 

STEP 1 - Remove all nuts, bolts, and washers from the flashing and set aside in a safe place.

    STEP 2 - From inside the tent, press the exit pipe onto the desired installation location. Trace the circumference of the stove pipe with a pencil onto the canvas interior where you want the pipe exit to be located.


    STEP 3 - Center a metal ring of the flashing kit over the newly traced circle, mark the location for each bolt with a pencil or pen. 

    a person's hand holds a stainless steel ring against the inside of a canvas tent and marks where holes will be using a pen
    STEP 4 - Using a sharp, pointed blade or a small drill bit on a power drill, carefully puncture the bolt markings on the tent.
    A person's hand holds a blade against the pre-marked holes on the inside of a canvas bell tent
      STEP 5 - Get those wing nuts and bolts that you safely set aside. From the outside of the tent, place a metal ring over the top of the rubber gasket. Insert a washer and a bolt through the metal ring and the gasket. Now align the flashing kit and bolt with the top-most hole that you punctured in the canvas and guide the bolt through the canvas. The long side of the bolt will now be inside the canvas camping tent.

      The gray interior of a canvas tent where a stove jack flashing kit is being installed and the bolts now poke through the pre-drilled holes of the canvas tent

        STEP 6 - Repeat Step 7 five more times, working your way around the circumference of the flashing kit with the sets of washers and bolts.
        a successfully installed silicone and stainless steel stove jack flashing kit on a canvas tent
          STEP 7 - From back inside the tent, add the washer and nut sets to each of the six protruding bolts. Tighten! This is where that friend can step up and be awesome. Have them hold on to the outside of the bolt (using a wrench or pliers or their incredibly strong hands) while you tighten from the inside (using a wrench or pliers or your incredibly strong hands). If you're flying solo on this installation, you might be able to reach up and outside to hold on to the bolt with one hand, while tightening with the other (particularly if you have walls that roll up for easier access).

          DONE IN A FLASH

          You've successfully installed your stove jack flashing kit. Now what? To finish up installing your wood stove inside your canvas tent, gently insert a section of the stove pipe up through the flashing kit. Next, connect that pipe section to your wood stove. Finally, add the remaining pipe sections from outside the tent. Make sure that your pipe section outside the tent is at least 15" above fire retardant canvas. And use a heat resistant fire mat beneath your wood stove on the inside. Now go ahead and put your feet up and enjoy. A nod of thanks to your helpful friend. Many seasons of warm and cozy tent times ahead. Nice work, team!

          Now grab a nice field hatchet to cut some wood and check out our suede firewood carrier to help bring the wood into your tent!


          Kelli Martinelli
          Kelli Martinelli

          Kelli believes that experiences > things, and loves helping others make memories. [Former] Freelance communications strategist for small brands with big heart. Love bigger. Reach farther.

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