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How To Increase Airbnb Income

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Do you have a cute lil Airbnb? Being an Airbnb host is a phenomenal way to bring in extra revenue, and if you have a little bit of property (we’re talking a minimum of about 400 square feet) you can easily increase that earning potential. Yup. We said easily.

Build A Bell Tent Guest House

A fernweh style bell tent is an all-season canvas tent that can sleep up to 8 people. A bell tent is a luxuriously spacious pop-up guest house that can fit one or two queen size beds, four twin sized beds, or up to eight sleeping bags without being crowded. The whole kit — bell tent, poles, guy lines, and footprint — fits inside one durable zippered duffel bag.

When Life inTents rolls in, you’ll have a new, fully-furnished guest house in minutes.


You don’t need a large property in order to accommodate your new future Airbnb rental. About 400 square feet is enough to fit the circular bell tent and its extended guy lines. Setting up the tent structure is simple and fast! Plus, it only requires one person (and maybe another to snap pics and comment on how great it’s coming along …).

A New Beautiful Guest House, By Design

A new fernweh tent can be a temporary guest house, popped up only when you need it for a special event or during higher rental traffic seasons. Or it could be left up as a permanent addition to your property, year-round accommodations. Canvas bell tents are designed to be comfortable and durable in any kind of weather, withstanding sun, rain, snow, and winds up to 60mph. You can even insert a woodstove during cooler seasons for a cozy Airbnb retreat.

From one guest house to another


Take A Tour Of A Bell Tent Airbnb!

Ready to move in? Let’s take a tour of your brand new fernweh guest house, set up here with a queen sized bed for a luxurious Airbnb stay.

Added Value For Everyone

The sharing economy is one that means more than money and income. It means utilizing the resources at hand to help meet the needs of others in our communities. Yes, you can absolutely bring in more revenue for your Airbnb property by renting or buying a fernweh bell tent! It’s an investment that pays for itself quickly. Though perhaps more significant is the added value of the connections that are made by opening up to more guests, friends, family, and neighbors. We’re all in this world together, figuring it all out a breath a time. There is immense value in being able to share our spaces so that others may be able to pause, and to find a home away from home on the way to wherever is next.

Thank you to our Airbnb Superhost Holly, for graciously allowing us to share her beautiful property just outside of Portland, OR. View Holly’s Airbnb guest house listing here, and be sure to say hello for us to Cosmo, Fern, Tiny, and Dave!


Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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