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How To Host The Best Backyard Slumber Party

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You know as well as we do that the best backyard slumber party sleepovers have little to do with sleeping, and everything to do with having fun! With summer on the way and safe spaces for playing still in demand, this post is all about how to host the best backyard slumber party in a tent.


Let’s just address the circus elephant in the room right away: The secret ingredient to the BEST backyard slumber party, is having the best backyard sleepover tent. Canvas bell tents make the best slumber party tents. They’re spacious, with plenty of room for twirling and dancing before lounging and slumbering. And they’re all-weather, so there’s no limit to when and where the party can happen (not just summer slumber parties, kids!). They’re multi-functional, and multi-generational: One space that can do so much more than slumber parties, and with proper care will hold up until the grandkids are hosting slumber parties for their own kids!

We just happen to make the most ideal slumber party tents (if we do say so ourselves). And it’s within the roomy canvas walls of the bell tent known as The Fernweh that we’ll set the scene for how to have the best backyard slumber party.

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The Fernweh tent is a 16’ canvas bell tent that goes up in as little as 20 minutes. Set it up for just one sleepover party, or heck, leave it up year-round for alllllll the parties. With 212 square feet of space, The Fernweh can go from party room to Airbnb guest room to a home office to … whatever you need it to be! A canvas bell tent can be your own Room of Requirement (Potterheads, you know).

Your canvas slumber party tent can accommodate any number of sleeping arrangements, easily fitting up to 8 sleeping bags. Or if your party guests are smaller, you can fit even more with bunk bed kid cots like these.

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If the plan is to party hardy when the weather is fair, then you can use the outside for eating or entertainment, separate from slumbering. But if you’ll need to house all the fun within the walls of the tent then that will determine ideal guest number and sleeping arrangement.

Sleeping bags, floor pillows, and throw blankets are still slumber party classics: easy to push aside to bust-a-move, snuggle up with for a movie, and to playfully smack your bestie with, naturally.

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If you’re planning on hosting a backyard slumber party to celebrate a birthday, pick a theme to perk up the fun, and to help keep it focused. Your slumber party tent is spacious, but not soooo spacious as to be able to do all the things. So a theme can help you narrow it down. Here are some ideas to get you dreaming.

  • Talent Show - Let the tent set the stage, literally! The canvas tent doors make a perfect theatrical curtain for hosting a talent show slumber party. Show us what you’ve got!

  • Hollywood Cinema - Set up a projector (or maybe even just the laptop!) and snuggle up for a classic movie night inside or outside the tent. Popcorn anyone?

  • 50s Sock-Hop - Wear the ponytail high and crank the music up higher! Thee’s no better dance floor for a few besties than inside a slumber party tent!

  • Spa Day - The pampering feels extra luxurious inside the glowing walls of a canvas bell tent. Set up slumber party guests with eye pillows and foot soaks, and ahhhh ….

  • Board Game Night - Prop up easels for classic Pictionary or settle in for an epic session of Settlers of Catan, and game the night away in a less than sleepy slumber party tent.

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There’s always the morning after. The dreaded walk down the hallway, tripping over still-snoring slumberers, their backpacks, all the toys and shoes, and — whatever that sticky thing is — on your way to the coffee pot. Oh but wait! Your slumber party shenanigans were happily contained inside a slumber party tent! There will be no sticky tripping this morning! Instead, you’ll walk free and clear to the coffee pot and pour yourself the perfect cup. And whenever it’s time for the slumber party guests to say their good-byes, clean up will be a breeze. And then at your leisure you can set up your canvas camping tent Room of Requirement for whatever’s required next…

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You’re going to need the best slumber party snacks at the best backyard slumber party. In our opinion, it’s tough to top the classics like milk and cookies.

But we have a few other ideas for some in-tents snacking ideas, too. Find those snack recipes here.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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