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Glamping Hacks And Rituals

April 27, 2021 3 min read

Here are some easy ideas on how to turn a regular tent camping trip into a bonafide glamping trip with glamping tent:

image via Airbnb


Take a little bit of time to create an entry. A transition space for removing shoes, shaking off the weather, and being transported into a haven for cozy relaxation. More than a vestibule for stashing boots or gear (though that’s handy too!), a thoughtful entryway becomes a portal to comfort, or can be its own patio space for dining, chilling, and taking in the beauty of the outdoors. Need more of an overhang? We offer the Fernweh Bell Tent Fly Cover, which can be used on its own as an awning, or as a protective and insulating layer that also extends the overhang on your glamping entryway!



Be selective about your glamping accessories, otherwise you may find it’s just too much, or the accessories may no longer match the intention of the space. Prayer flags say “zen lives here” while party flags suggest “go all out in here”! Lighting accessories offer maximum ambience with minimal effort. String up solar or usb-powered fairy lights, or adorable mini railroad lanterns. Or for a couple of low-cost lighting hacks, hang glow sticks, or wrap a headlamp around a gallon of water (turning the bulb to face inward), and watch it glow.


Turning the ordinary into extraordinary is what glamping is all about. It doesn’t mean you need to go big, and in fact, going small is where you’ll find the true magic of a glamping experience. Here’s a list of little ways you can hack everyday activities and turn them into little rituals that brighten and lighten and create sensory memories for you or your glamping guests.Life in Tents-161.jpg

  • Put a basket of slipper socks in the entryway, to swap out shoes and create an intentional transition to the inside of the tent. Similarly, have throw blankets or wraps available for people to snuggle up with out on the glamping patio, fluffy and cozy accessories that otherwise wouldn’t come on a typical tent trip.

  • Keep a mister/atomizer diluted with your choice of essential oils (citrus for a midday perk-me-up or lavender for an evening soother). Spritz the air (or yourself!) for an immediate spa vibe.

  • Lovingly prep and prepare coffee and tea. A dedicated small station for hot beverages creates a bed and breakfast feeling, so you or your guests can enjoy the smells as it fills the tent, and then carry their beloved morning beverage out onto the glamping patio to enjoy the day. You can pre-make individual coffee sachets using unbleached coffee filters for a simple hack that minimizes waste and maximizes enjoyment.

  • Ditch the devices! Just because there might be cell service doesn’t mean you need to use it. Put a small basket in the tent specifically for depositing the devices that we otherwise can’t keep our hands off of.

Setting an intention for the type of space and experience you’d like to have (or offer) is the ultimate glamping hack.Have you considered becoming a tent host? We think you should! You can create your own unique take on glamping, offering guests the hacks and rituals that matter most to you to share beautiful experiences that people will remember for a lifetime. What ways can you think of that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your own glampsite.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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