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Best Firewood Log Carrier - It's Suede and Handsome

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best canvas log carrier alternative

You know that move of having your arms stretched out in a curling position and piling up as much wood as possible, then running to dump the logs close to the fireplace? Time to class things up (and save your arms from all those splinters). This firewood carrier, with its timeless look and durability, is the best firewood carrier we have seen. Its rustic design will also add style to your wood-burning game.

When looking for a split wood carrier, it is often a choice between either style or function. It is rare to find such an amazing looking piece also be made to do the job well and last a long time.

For such a simple item, Forestbound has thought of everything. This tough firewood carrier is handmade in the USA and crafted to last. It is a perfect size for carrying a bundle of split wood back to your house (or hunting tent). So many wood carriers we have seen are either too small to bring any substantial amount of wood where it needs to go, or too large to load up and carry alone. This firewood carrier measures 19.5” wide by 40” long (20” on each side when folded). The 6” handles feel comfortable to grip and the hand-stitching feel strong, giving you confidence to load up as much wood that can fit.

Overall, it is a perfect size for a single trip to gather enough wood for a good cozy fire, and you will look good doing it! We think you will agree, this suede log carrier is the best log carrier that we have come across.

Gift-giving season is always upon us. Think about grabbing a wood carrier, along with this amazing Wood Hatchet for that hip lumberjack in your life or this amazing portable wood stove.

Joe Pagano
Joe Pagano

As the Director or Co-Operations with LiT, Joe has an unyielding energy to be inspired. With over 10 years of experience in team building and events this guy is a well organized & dynamic bulldog.

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