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Barebones Railroad Lantern Review and Spotlight

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Ah, camping lanterns. Size, design, price, regular batteries vs. rechargeable; the number of options can be quite overwhelming. Without a doubt one of the items we at Life inTents have spent many hours researching. Like most camping gear, there are cheap versions that may do the trick for a short trip or for the “once every few years” type camper. For those who want a lantern to last a lifetime, and are willing to pay for quality, there simply is no better choice than the Barebones Railroad Lantern.
barebones white camping lantern

The rechargeable Barebones Railroad Lantern is a beautiful modern twist on a vintage lantern - beautiful enough to display in your home.  The metal construction and (replaceable) seeded glass globe makes for a beautiful lantern that can be used both at camp, or at home. The 3.2-Watt LED light is dimmable and can run on low for 100 hours (we haven't timed this ourselves though) or on high for about 3.5 hours. The Railroad lantern includes a USB cable for charging as well as a Li-ion rechargeable battery (which is replaceable). Simply plug the provided cable into the inlet on the back of the lantern. You know your lantern is charging when the power is plugged in and at least one LED light below the plug turns on. It is fully charged once 3 LED lights are fully illuminated and the 4th light is either fully illuminated, or blinking. A full charge takes about 8 hours.

bronze barebone railroad lantern outside

You can see how to charge the lantern, as well as change the battery in this short YouTube video.

Everything about the Barebones Railroad Lantern seems to have been thought of. It is a nice size and weight, with dimensions of 6.5” x 9.5” and weighing 2 lbs. It also has a comfortable carry handle that folds down. 

This lantern provides a warming glow that is perfect for any occasion, and will last through many of them!  It's always been our choice to pair with our glamping tents to the tents well LiT.

In our shop, you can choose from Antique Bronze, White or Olive Green. You can also choose to add a soft and durable felt storage bag made to protect your (wise) investment.

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Joe Pagano
Joe Pagano

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