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Barebones Vintage Flashlight Review and Spotlight

September 22, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

barebones flashlight review

The Barebones Vintage Flashlight Shines Bright!

As outdoor enthusiasts, we at Life inTents pride ourselves on only bringing you products that we trust and have tested in the field ourselves. Whether it is our own Life inTents branded canvas tents and accessories or items we have found from other outdoor companies, we only add to our shop gear that we personally trust to make your camping experience even more amazing! One of our newest items, the Vintage Flashlight by Barebones fits the bill, for sure.

barebones flashlight white color

Even the novice camper knows that light is VERY important once the sun goes down. Lanterns, headlamps, and flashlights are all necessities and some work better in certain situations. While camping headlamps are handy when left on your head while hanging around the campfire, and lanterns are great for lighting up an area such as the dinner table or the inside of your tent, nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned quality flashlight that works well for everything. The Vintage Flashlight by Barebones really has everything you would need. It is light enough to carry comfortably while feeling very well-made. It has a bright and yes, a brighter mode, which give off great light. It has a hanging hook (to make those bathroom trips in the middle of the night a bit easier) and best of all, it’s rechargeable.

This retro looking, but very durable camping flashlight is made from aluminum,

steel, and glass. It weighs .5 lbs. and is 7” long by 2.5” diameter at the handle. It feels heavy-duty while perfectly sized to fit in your hand. It has a dual brightness 3-Watt LED bulb with telescoping focus adjustment. It is also water resistant. Included with the flashlight are 1 LED bulb, 1 battery, and 1 charging cable. It also has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

barebones living flashlight

Charging your vintage flashlight is very simple. The included charging cable is a USBC cord, which works with a USB outlet. Simply plug into the side port on the flashlight. A small light will blink to let you know it is charging. Once all 3 lights are fully lit, it is charged completely. A full charge takes about 4 hours. If you ever need to change the battery, it is a 18650 Barebones specific battery (available on the Barebones website for $11.99). If you would like more details on charging your flashlight, changing your battery, and troubleshooting, you can watch this short YouTube video. As far as length of use, we have found that, when fully charged, you can get about 15 hours on the low setting and about 3 hours on high - on good days

Whether for the home, the car, the tent, or all of the above, this Vintage Flashlight by Barebones offers both style and quality that you will be very pleased with.


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Joe Pagano
Joe Pagano

As the Director or Co-Operations with LiT, Joe has an unyielding energy to be inspired. With over 10 years of experience in team building and events this guy is a well organized & dynamic bulldog.

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