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Are You The Host With The Most? You Could Be!
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April 14, 2021 5 min read

The world could sure use more sharing and connecting, wouldn’t ya say? If you just nodded yes, then you might make an amazing host on Airbnb and you can learn more here.* People all over the world are searching for comfortable, socially distant retreats; unique stays that are designed with a host's personal touch, that offer more than just a place to crash for the night, but also a place to renew and reconnect. Tent stays are quickly growing in popularity by both people wanting to stay, and people wanting to host. Why?

*Life inTents is an Airbnb partner, so when you create a listing and host on Airbnb through our partner link, we receive a percentage in earnings. Then, Life inTents donates 100% of Airbnb partner earnings to theNational Coalition for the Homeless, because everyone should have a roof over their heads.


Becoming a tent host on Airbnb just might be the easiest way there is to add value to your property, and to quickly begin sharing and connecting. All it takes is 400 square feet, some fun interior designing to get the space ready, and about 20 minutes to list your space—and just like that, you can start welcoming guests. It’s free and simple to list your tent stay on Airbnb, and since Airbnb is #1 when it comes to searches for vacations and getaways, your tent will be seen by the folks who you want to come stay!


Tent stays are in high demand for their diversity, their direct access to nature, and their affordability. As a tent host, you can create an experience that’s as unique as you are, adding in amenities to increase aesthetics and value, or keeping it rustic and simple and letting the landscape do the talking. A canvas tent can pay for itself in no time when it’s offered up to guests on Airbnb. Top-performing tent stay hosts that list on Airbnb in North America earned on average $15,000 per tent listing in 2019. One busy camping season filled with happy glampers enjoying your tent stay and voila, your investment is paid off, and the memory bank is overflowing.


This was the absolute perfect little getaway trip for our family. There were so many great little touches. The hosts are super friendly, helpful, and really all about sharing everything this wonderful outdoor space has to offer. Cannot recommend a stay here enough!


Remember building forts as a kid? Stringing up the sheets from the clothesline or turning over boxes in the living room was a big part of the fun! Being a tent host on Airbnb is like building a fort as a grown-up. You get to decide where it goes. You get to decide what goes in it. And! You don’t have to keep it one way for forever! A canvas tent is … well a blank canvas. You can create custom environments by simply swapping out some furniture, putting in a woodstove in winter, or building out extras on the property. Unlike a fixed structure like an ADU or an apartment, canvas tent setups can be as temporary or as permanent as you need them to be, which means the opportunities for FUN for both you and your guests are endless. And you can easily evolve your space based on your guest feedback as well as your own changing needs.

Now that you know what’s in it for you, it’s important to consider whether being a tent host is right for you. You’ll want to think through whether you’ve got the right space for hosting, and whether the finances pencil out.

Is Your Location Desirable for a Glamp Site?

Would anyone actually want to stay in your backyard? Do you live in a desirable place that’s near a popular destination, or alternatively, a remote location that’s far from cities and hotels? Do you have unique activities for guests to be entertained or to exercise?

You don’t have to be in a particularly busy area to make a backyard tent rental worth it. Access to trails, vistas, lakes, vineyards, beaches, or restaurants that are just a short drive away create built-in demand for a glamping business. Also keep in mind any local festivals or events that require additional local lodging for an influx of visitors (festivals, holidays, conferences, school vacations, etc.).

You’ve already won half the battle if you can say “Yes” to any of the above!

How Much Money Can I Earn With A Glamping Business?

Becoming a glamping host will fill your emotional bank with joy and pride as you share your property with happy glampers. But your bank account also needs to be looked after as well. You’ll need to do the math based on your unique situation to confirm that your forecasted income exceeds your ongoing expenses—anticipating a financial investment for your initial site build and asset purchases.

We’d recommend starting small for the first season, say one to three units, then growing from there. Let’s do some back-of-the-envelope math on what your ROI could be based on average furnishing costs ($1,500) and amenities ($500) when using one of our tents ($1,600).

  • Average nightly rental rate $125 x 55 Total nights booked = $6,875 Gross Revenue

  • Investment: (~$3,600)

  • Year 1 Gross Income: $3,275

That is for year one. Year two earnings could be much higher per tent since you don’t need to buy a new tent and furnishings, and your positive host reviews on Airbnb will hopefully help to secure even more bookings.

Not only can our bell tent bring relatively easy, passive income to your property, but there's also the added benefit of travelers arriving at your doorstep enjoying your property. If you want to keep to yourself and don’t dig conversation with strangers, OK, that’s cool. But for many of us, the possibility of sharing coffee and stories with a few kind adventurers every once in a while—in your own backyard—seems like a real nice perk.

Are you interested in becoming a tent host on Airbnb? Learn more here.

Life inTents is an Airbnb partner, so when you create a listing and host on Airbnb through our partner link, we receive a percentage in earnings. Life inTents donates 100% of Airbnb partner earnings to the National Coalition for the Homeless, because everyone should have a roof over their heads.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

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