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8 Ways to Promote and Market Your Glamping Business

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So you’ve set up your glamping tents, and your glamping business is all ready to go, now it’s time to attract some campers. Here are eight simple ways to help you promote your glamping business and take it to the next level.

1. Create an online presence

online advertising for glamping business

The first step is making your site available on an online reservation platform. There are several to choose from, but you will get the most eyeballs on your listing by publishing your unique glamping stay on Airbnb. They have some great tools to help you get started and how to be successful hosting your glamp site.

Giving your company a social media presence is an easy and effective way to meet people. Creating an account will provide followers with a real sense of your glamping business’ personality. It allows people to get in touch with you quickly and casually, whether through direct messages or having Q&A sessions on Instagram stories. Make sure to keep these accounts active by regularly posting content to keep your followers engaged.

2. Invest in high-speed Internet

Although your glamping site may provide your visitors with a digital detox, your business needs to live in the digital age to stand out. Be sure to use a reliable internet provider, this will prevent you from losing a customer because your internet dropped out at a crucial time. Investing in a high-powered internet service helps ensure your message is getting out there quickly and efficiently.

3. High-quality pictures

Make sure that your website and social media accounts showcase beautiful photos of your glamping experience. Not only will this help illustrate what makes your glamping site unique, but it also helps tell your customers what staying with you will be like. Make sure to get some shots of your businesses’ selling points, whether it be the scenic views or cozy atmosphere.

4. Create Videos

glamping video being made

Creating videos is a great way to get information out about your business. In a video, you can pack a massive amount of content into a small package. Whether you want to give a tour of your glamping site or showcase customer testimonials, video is a powerful tool. One way to get the most out of your videos is to tailor them to a specific sharing platform. While a detailed 10-minute video is perfect for your website; short, impactful videos work better to capture the attention of browsers on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Take it Offline

glamping tent at tradeshow

Don’t be afraid to invest in traditional methods of marketing. While the internet is a powerful tool, it’s wise to reach out to your local community. For many people, glamping is an intriguing idea, and locals may be keen to try it for their next weekend getaway. Attend local community events or work with other businesses in the area to get the word out about your company.

6. Create a beautiful space 

If your outdoor glamping space is attractive and appealing, then it will speak for itself. Choose outdoor furniture that fits the mood of your glamping site to ensure your venue is inviting. When done well, your guests will be more likely to share their experience on social media, which will further promote your business.

7. Tell a Story

glamping podcast

You know what makes your glamping business unique and it’s essential to share that with your audience. Use a storytelling approach to create relatable ad campaigns that draw in potential customers. By telling people the story behind your glamping experience, they will understand what makes your business special.

8. Engage with local influencers

Try to work with influencers with an engaged audience and similar aesthetics and values to your brand. By getting an influencer to talk about their experience at your glamping site, you can build your social following, increase brand awareness, and gain some new customers.

Any glamping business can improve its customer base with innovative promotion and marketing. Follow these tips and see your booking numbers rise.

Author bio:

Auckland-based creative writer is passionate about travel and adventure. When not busy writing, she likes to spend her weekends hiking or camping with friends.

Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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