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Our 3 Best Glamping Tents You Can Buy (and Why They're All Canvas Tents)

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It's no wonder that glamping has become such a popular trend in recent years: it combines the best parts of camping and luxury accommodation into one unforgettable experience. If you're looking for the perfect glamping tent, look no further than Stella, Fernweh, and Timberline canvas tents by Life inTents. These three are some of the best glamping options on the market, and each of them has unique benefits that set them apart from any other glamping tent.

Important Traits of All 3 Best Glamping Tents

Let's start with the traits all great glamping tents have, including the three below. Firstly, a good glamping tent needs to be water resistant with breathable canvas and capable of withstanding wind, snow, rain, uv rays and whatever else nature might throw at you in different climates - our three picks meet all of these needs and can withstand winds up to 50mph. 

Secondly, a great glamping tent should be comfortable. All three of our candidates for the best glamping tents have plenty of room for couples seeking a luxurious amount of space or for larger groups to fit comfortably. Thirdly, they're customizable with practical accessories like adding a wood stove, fly cover, awning as well as luxury accessories like tall furniture and mood lighting. 

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Finally, you want to buy a glamping tent that is effortlessly stylish. Stella, Fernweh, and Timberline tents all manage to provide this because they're canvas bell tents. Canvas tents evoke nostalgia for a time we've never experienced; a simpler, less demanding time when we wanted to craft our lives with the help of nature rather than separate ourselves from it using ultra-processed artificial materials like nylon.

The canvas material holds a lot of practical value - it allows your tent to stay ventilated and insulated so the air inside doesn't get stuffy and you're protected from the elements. Bell tents also have a simpler design than other styles of luxury tents, so they're easier to transport and aren't difficult to assemble.

1) The Best Luxury Glamping Tents:  Our Stella Stargazers

moonroof glamping tent

Our Stella stargazer tent is the perfect glamping tent for those who want to take their connection with nature to another level without sacrificing an ounce of glam. As per the name, Stella tents feature windows that provide a 360-degree rooftop canopy view, making it possible to enjoy a starry night sky in style and comfort.

How many tents allow you to snuggle up in a full-sized bed under a fluffy duvet and a mountain of pillows all seasons of the year? Stellas are best for those who enjoy meaningful conversations with loved ones as you watch the vast, dynamic beauty of the universe above you. Stella glamping tents come in two sizes: 16ft and 19ft in diameter, which can comfortably fit 4-8 people (or just two people who want a really big bed).

2) The Best Glamping Tents for Families & Groups: Our Fernweh

glamping tents with cots inside

Fernweh translates to "far sickness" in English and is a German word that describes the longing to explore new, faraway places. This canvas tent earned the name Fernweh because it's the quintessential home away from home for the adventurous types who still want to feel safe and secure wherever they go. Fernweh tents achieve a perfect balance between sleek and durable, comfortable and practical, and they are an accessible but glamorous way to escape modernity.

Fernweh tents also come in two sizes: 16ft and 19ft so most large groups can buy a glamping tent that fits their needs.

3) The Best Tents for Serial Glampers:  Our Timberline Exchange

timberline glamping tent

Inspired by the Timberline Glamping Company, this tent was made with glamping in mind. The Timberline Exchange is meant for those who want more than just one glamping trip; they want to go glamping again and again. Their ability to sustain heavy usage makes them a favorite of glamping businesses and resorts. They also make great family glamping tents thanks to their 20ft diameter.

How do they do that? Besides the easy setup and the blank canvas (pun intended) they provide for endless decor ideas, Timberlines feature a zip-on tent door. Tent doors are the most vulnerable part of a tent when it comes to dirt and damage, and addressing this usually requires dismantling the entire tent. The removable door allows you to make your tent ready for reuse in about the same amount of time it takes to put a jacket on, so Timberlines are a fantastic option for glampers who need their tent to handle heavy foot traffic or want to keep their tent up for longer periods of time (e.g. in your backyard). 

Now that you know more about Stella, Fernweh, and Timberline glamping tents, it's time to decide which one is right for you. All three tents are amazing options that provide a unique and memorable glamping experience. So what are you waiting for? Let's make your next glamping trip possible!  

Glamping Tent Size Comparison Chart

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Brandy Lamb
Brandy Lamb

Father of two aspiring glampers, husband to one inspirational wife, and Co-Founder of Life inTents. Continuiously striving to help make camping more comfortable.

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