Furnished Suite Tent Rental -  Camping tent rental set-up for the two-some that is looking for comfort.

  • Queen Mattress + Sitting Chair(s) + Rug + End Table + Lantern + Bedding + Throw Blanket + Solar Fairy Lights + Mirror + Welcome Mat + Wicker Waste Basket

    • Add an additional queen bed or up to 2 camping cots to sleep up to 4 people per tent

Family-Style Tent Rental - Provide the kids their own special bed in "the fort."

  • Queen Mattress +  Camping Cot(s) and/or portable crib +  Rugs + End Tables + Lanterns + Bedding + Ferry Lights

Do-It-Yourself -  You pick up the tent and gear, or we ship it to you.

  • We provide you with your camping tent rental and simple tent set-up instructions and phone support.

Sleeping Layout Configurations:

Services include: 

  • Delivery

  • Set-up (and of course take down)

  • Furnishing and styling 

  • Reservation management (and payment collection if necessary)

  • Onsite event bellhop & maintenance (included with set-up and delivery) 

  • Event planning, collaboration, and management


Let’s discuss specifics, but full-service glamping tent rentals start at $475 per tent, for 2 nights.  $50 for each incremental evening.  This price includes bell tent set-up, furnishings (see above), reservation management, guest payment management (if necessary), and day of guest check-in. Most set-up productions will incur an incremental delivery and travel fee from Portland, Oregon. 
We are happy to ship you a tent. Total cost, including round-trip shipping is $345 per tent, for 3 nights of use (transit time of course does not count!).  Sorry, we do not mail any furnishings. Sorry, limit of 3 tents for mail delivery rentals. Tents are shipped via ground postage from Portland, Oregon.

We offer pick-up from Portland, Oregon (near the PDX airport). Bell Tents are $175 (1-3 nights). Furnishings are additional.

lounge tent rental

Other Layouts:

Lounge Tent rental: Plush Floor Cushions or Chairs o+ Rugs + End Tables + Lanterns

Children's Sleepover palace: The kids will be bouncing off the walls in the best fort ever!

Get creative: Changing room, storage room, pop-up store front...



Our Bell tents can accommodate up to 2 queen beds, 3 twin beds, or 8 sleeping bags (or just one queen bed and lots of glamping gear!)

100% waterproof & mold resistant natural cotton canvas (10.6oz) tents

Heavy duty rip proof and waterproof zip-in & out PVC ground sheet (17.6oz)

Bug-netted secondary doors behind outer doors and screened-in windows to allow for tent airflow during the heat of summer

Screened ceiling vents allow for even more airflow

Simple 20 minute tent set-up (if you are inclined to take this easy project upon yourself)

bell tent for sale

Bell Tent Specs

Diameter: 16 feet (5M)*

Floor Space: 209 sq. feet.

Height: 10 feet (in center)

Door Height: 5'6" (A-frame)

Weight: 90 pounds

*We suggest providing a 20 foot diameter clearing for each tent to allow for the guy lines and stakes to secure each rental camping tent to the ground.