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Top 10 Reasons to Go Glamping in 2024

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Book those glamping reservations and get away! The perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, glamping has become increasingly popular, and with it – more ways to entice folks to embrace the outdoors. 

Not sure if this style of trip or vacay is right for you? Here are our favorite 10 reasons to go glamping in 2024. We know you'll be convinced.

Top 10 Reasons to Go Glamping in 2024

glamping tent on island in water

#1 Glamping Gets You Outside

Guess what? Being outside is good for you. There are countless ways that nature helps our well-being, both physically and mentally, and we could all use a bit more of that this year. 

From forest bathing to calm the nerves to resetting your circadian rhythm to get a better night’s sleep, trust us – your body and mind will thank you. 

#2 Glamping Offers a Digital Detox

woman camping in woods holding phone

A great reason to go glamping in 2024 is to take a digital detox. Glamping and getting outside forces you to step away from that screen (yeah, you know the one) and disconnect from the daily grind of life, work, and so on. 

But disconnecting from technology is just the start. This year has shaped up to be rather stressful for some, especially when it comes to current world events and an intense political landscape (no thanks to an election year). So, if you find yourself doom-scrolling, staring at your device in an ever-ending loop, it’s time to step away. And glamping is the perfect solution to this digital detox.

#3 Glamping is Getting Greener

Sustainability has always been a cornerstone for glamping, but the focus has increased in recent years.

Glamping tents and shelters are often built using sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood and recycled materials. Glamping accommodations often use sustainable energy from solar panels along with energy-efficient lighting. These days, they’re also mindful of water conservation, using composting toilets, low-flow showers, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Many glamping companies also create initiatives like wildlife conservation and offer environmental education programs to raise awareness of our impact on Mother Nature. 

#4 Modern Technology Brings Even More Comfort

Thanks to a few inventions made in recent glamping history, camping in the wilderness is easier than ever.

With more and more advancements in technology, glamping outdoors will make you feel like you never left home. Glamping accommodations now offer modern amenities just like a swank hotel, including things like insulative and weather-resistant tents and structures as well as integrated smart technology like mobile check-in and smart home devices. 

All while enjoying the great outdoors!

#5 You Can Work Hybrid (If You Need)

Disconnecting from everyday life and forcing yourself to take a digital detox is a swell idea. But not everyone shares that goal. According to the 2024 report by Kampgrounds of America, lots of people are looking for ways to get outdoors, while still staying connected. 

If that’s you – whether due to a hybrid workplace or because you’re glamping to simultaneously cut vacation costs while making money with a side hustle – you need strong WiFi.

And thanks in part to that modern tech mentioned, the good news is that finding a campground with high-speed internet is entirely possible! And more and more glamping rentals offer it in 2024! 

If not, don’t fret! There are plenty more clever ways to get WiFi while camping.

#6 Glamping Shaves Vacation Costs

Another reason to go glamping in 2024 is to save money. Families and folks hit hard by the economy are tightening their purse strings this year, cutting back on frivolous expenses like vacations and activities. But glamping offers several solutions to shave vacation costs. 

For instance, glamping is often more affordable than a hotel, especially when you consider preparing your meals. Choose a local glamping destination and you can even save money on flights, road trips, and other travel expenses. 

Glamping provides a means of creating the vacation you want! Find glamping reservations with all-inclusive packages and stay put or put funds into the excursions and activities in the surrounding area – it’s entirely up to you! 

#7 Personal Chefs and Gourmet Dining Experiences

charcuterie board and wine on table at glamping tent

Not keen on cooking your own meals? That’s okay too! Glamping destinations are taking notice and today, you can even find places that offer dining experiences and even personal chefs. 

Oftentimes, a glamping destination leans into the locally sourced ingredients and brings local businesses to you. For example, many glamping dining menus offer drinks from local breweries, wineries, and even coffee roasters. 

Plus – it’s a wonderful way to indulge your foodie tastebuds and learn about local cuisine.

#8 Glamping Brings You Closer to the Music

Speaking of experiences, music festivals are a fantastic reason to go glamping this year! Sure, you could stay in a nearby hotel and take a shuttle bus to the event venue. But why do that when you can stay close to the action and have a place to unwind? 

So, whatever your taste in music, discover a 2024 music festival, grab your festival tent, and get planning!

Check out these music festival guides Life inTents created to learn more:

#9 You Can Experience Glamping Destinations 

When planning your 2024 glamping reservations, there are so many more options! Not too long ago, glamping reservations were hard to come by, especially during the pandemic when everyone sought an escape and safe means of travel. But in this day and age, glamping accommodations have grown exponentially, which also presents a variety of options from which to choose. 
Plus, this wider variety means you don’t have to go glamping at the nearest campground. Instead, set your sights on a National Park or popular tourist destination. From small HipCamp glamping hosts to large-scale glamping villages like AutoCamp and UnderCanvas, you can explore a region or landscape you’ve never seen.

#10 Glamping Is Family-Oriented and Perfect for All Ages

family and toddler baby in glamping bell tent

Once upon a time, camping was “not for everyone”. Families with kids and elderly family members hesitated to take a camping vacation for a variety of reasons: Setting up camp was inconvenient and there was a general lack of comfort. Not to mention, camping was always weather contingent. 

But folks who wish to go glamping can find the same creature comforts and amenities of a home, which makes for a more family-friendly outing – for youngsters and grandparents alike!

Discover the Perfect Glamping Reservation for Your 2024 Getaway!

teepee glamping tents with lighting at night

Whether you're a novice glamper or looking for someplace new, we have put together several glamping destination guides to help you find the perfect outdoor escape. Take a look at each to find the perfect glamping reservation:

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