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What Is Camping Furniture? (And Why Do You Need It?)

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Adding portable camping furniture to your tent and campsite offers lots of benefits. For starters, it can transform your outdoor space by making it feel cozy and more like home. Adding camping furniture can also personalize the space, creating character and atmosphere to create a glamping experience.

But exactly what is camping furniture? And more to the point, why is camping furniture needed? And what are the features that define a piece of camping furniture?

In this quick and handy guide, we break down what makes a piece of furniture suitable for a campsite, the outdoors, and beyond. Plus, we offer suggestions on why you need camping furniture and how they improve your campsite or glamping site.

What Is Camping Furniture?

couple on double camping chair in front of fire

Camping furniture can include anything from camping chairs to camp cots and hammocks to kitchen prep stations and so much more. When it comes to staging a glamping tent, camping furniture is even considered a must-have accessory.

Luckily, camping furniture comes in a wide range of price points and styles to fit every taste and budget. So, whether you choose to go casual with basic folding camp chairs or create a glamping tent fit for a wedding with a queen-size bed, you can always find suitable camping furniture for your adventures and events.

The Key Features of Camping Furniture

If you stop to think about it, camping furniture is any kind of furniture designed to make your outdoor adventures convenient in at least one of the following ways:


Every piece of camping furniture should be portable. It’s the number one element that defines camping furniture. How it is portable can be one or several of the following features listed below. But any way you dice it, portability is crucial.

Collapsible (But Easy to Set Up!)

Packing for a camping trip can be cumbersome. First, you need all the essentials – camp gear, supplies, food, and shelter, for a start. So, the extra accessories like camping furniture tend to take a backseat (pun intended). To make the most of this limitation, camping furniture must be collapsible (or at least compact) to maximize space.

However, along the same lines, make sure your chosen camping furniture requires minimal time and effort to set up. This way, you have time to enjoy your camping trip, without feeling like you’re building Ikea furniture.


Camping furniture should also be lightweight. After all, there’s no point in trying to assemble something massive and heavy out in the wilderness. Car camping will get you close enough to a campsite, which may tempt you to bring heavier furniture.

But if you plan to carry items far, consider camping furniture constructed of lightweight materials like aluminum or titanium frames, nylon or poly-blend fabrics, mesh backings, and plastic or composite components.

Durable, Outdoor-friendly Materials

Lightweight doesn’t mean to skimp on durability! Quality camping furniture should be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Look for camping furniture with rugged and durable design features that resist things like mold and mildew caused by moisture, color fading caused by the sun’s UV rays, and corrosive rust. Investing in camp furniture with these features ensures it will last.


While not a must-have feature or characteristic, consider versatile camp furniture with dual functions. For example, a sleeping cot that doubles as a sofa for lounging during the day. Or a folding side cafe table that doubles as a nightstand to keep a lantern on during nights. Adaptability is key!

Comfort and Adjustability

While all the above-mentioned features are important, also make sure your camping furniture is comfy too. Otherwise, what is the point, right? Ergonomic designs, padded seats, and gears that allow for customization and adjustments all help in making camp furniture that much more cozy.

Upgrade Your Glamping Lifestyle With Camping Furniture

woman sitting on camping chair next to camping table

Adding a few pieces of camping furniture is destined to make your glamping tent cozy. It’s also the best and easiest way to make the outdoors feel more like home and keep everyone content and happy, which in turn, will make a successful camping or glamping trip.

So the next time you head out for a camping trip, upgrade your campsite and elevate your tent, dressing it to the nines!

Whatever size of tent you have or however luxurious you wish to be, there are lots of camping furniture options out there to suit your outdoor lifestyle.

Take a look at the many styles and types of outdoor camping furniture to upgrade your glamping and find the right fit for you.

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