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Do You Use a Carpet Inside Your Tent? You Should!

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Have you ever thought of adding tent rugs to your tent? Most campers know that laying a tarp beneath the tent has advantages, but why would you use a floor covering inside of your tent? 

Tarps and footprints are excellent liners for your tent but lack adding any meaningful comfort. But tent carpets – well, they’re on a whole new level. And they offer a complete list of benefits and advantages (beyond just being downright comfy and soft, of course). 

Do you use a carpets inside your tent? No? Then maybe you should! And here’s why.

First, What Is a Tent Carpet?

A tent floor covering carpet offers a soft underfoot for your tent interior, to say the least, which creates a warmer and more luxurious camping or glamping experience.
Also, carpets be found in different materials, each with its benefits. You can find tent carpets made of natural fibers like wool or even synthetic tent carpets like polypropylene

Tent carpets also come in tons of different sizes (or even be cut to size to fit your tent’s specific footprint shape). Of course, you can choose a fitted carpet made for your tent, or even a standard rug-style carpet in common sizes like 4 x 6 feet and so on. 

Reasons You Should Use a Tent Carpet 

Coir coconut husk tent rug mat in a bell tent

So why should you use a carpet inside your tent? Here are some of the benefits below. We think you’ll be convinced!

Tent Carpets Protect Your Tent Floor from Damage

We’ve covered the many ways you can protect your tent floor, and unrolling a tent floor cover is one of them. Maintaining the integrity of your tent floor – both beneath and inside – will prolong its life.

With a tent rug, you can give your tent groundsheet the coverage it needs and significantly prevent wear and tear from camp furniture, camp gear, and more. Ideally, your tent carpet should cover most of the floor, leaving a border edge to let it breathe and prevent condensation. 

Tent Rugs Offer More Insulation and Warmth

Keeping your tent clean and dry is important. Condensation is always a factor with tents, regardless of the season or time of year.

But with a tent rug, you will find that it helps add extra insulation, which protects against both cooler nights and the cold earth, as well as protects against condensation and dampness. 

A natural fiber wool material works best. Think of it this way: a wool tent carpet essentially acts like wool socks, offering a moisture-wicking and dry barrier against your foot.

Tent Carpets Reduce Noise

Another reason you should use a rug inside your tent? To make it quieter. If you need your beauty rest and stir at the slightest sound (or have a baby or kids who need to sleep through the night), a carpet is a must! 

Believe it or not, a rug can make an acoustic barrier between your sleeping quarters and whatever sounds are being made outside. It can’t promise to muffle that screeching loon on the lake, but it can certainly dampen campfire chats outside and prevent sound frequencies from bouncing around inside.

Obviously, the denser the rug, the better. Just remember –  denser doesn’t always mean thicker.

Carpets Create a More Homey Interior Space

Adding a carpet inside your tent makes it feel cozy and homey. While it may not be a wall-to-wall floor cover, a carpet will make your camping tent interior space much more warm and inviting. Imagine taking off your boots or sandals at the entrance and walking barefoot on a soft padded carpet (not a groundsheet).

Even better it is so soft to the touch, that you can sit directly on the ground, playing board games or dining at a small table. Plus, you can even find tent mats with charming designs and boho patterns, making your glamping accommodation practical and beautiful. 

Tent Floor Covers Makes Cleanup and Breakdown Easier

Cleaning your tent is imperative to maintain and keep it lasting for years to come. However, if you want your cleanup and breakdown to be quicker, a tent floor cover can come in handy. 

A floor cover made of woven polypropylene is easy to sweep and quick-drying. Natural fiber materials like jute can be spot-cleaned. If you have a larger stain or spill, the wool and wool-blend materials can be aired out to dry. Ultimately, most a tent carpets can be vacuumed or lightly power-washed with a garden hose.

The Features to Look for in a Tent Carpet

cleaning a tent carpet with hose

With all the different styles and types of floor coverings available, how do you hone in on what you need? Here are four must-have main features that you should consider:

  • Compact and Lightweight: Like all camping accessories, the ideal tent carpet should be compact, meaning rollable or foldable. And part of portability is its weight. Lugging a heavy and thick roll of carpet from car to campsite is no fun and takes up tons of space in your vehicle too. So aim for a portability.
  • Padding and Softness: Since one benefit of having a carpet inside your tent is the comfort and coziness it gives to the space, look for a tent carpet with features like extra padding or double lining. 
  • Waterproof and Mold Resistance: Floor covers with mold-resistant and waterproof properties will combat any extra moisture you encounter outdoors (or even accidental spills or wet gear that makes its way inside). Not to mention, these features will make it easy to clean. Not all carpets have these features, but a durable and well-made one should!
  • Non-slip Backing or Snaps: Look for some sort of non-slip backing to prevent the carpet from shifting around. However, while a non-slip-backing is a nice touch, it’s not always possible, so placing heavy objects on the sides may be your best bet.

Choosing a Tent Carpet For You: Things to Consider

Now that you understand what the best features are in your search for a tent carpet, how do you know what to choose for your outdoor lifestyle? Here are a few things to consider when shopping:

  • Tent carpet materials:  As mentioned, you’ll find tent carpets offered in a few different materials, like synthetic and natural fibers. But how do you decide which material? It can come down to your camping style and the climate of your destinations.
For instance, if you tend to do beach camping, a wool tent carpet isn’t the best option for sand and surf. Instead, opt for a rug made of something like Vycom coir yarn (coconut husk fibers) or woven polypropylene, which is breathable, water-resistant, and easily sweepable. 
  • Special size requirements: Many tent carpets are square or rectangular in shape. However, if you need a tent carpet for a round-shaped tent like a bell tent, look for a round, "half-moon" shapes. Life inTents offers several styles and materials for bell tents or yurts with rounder footprints. 
  • Use a fireproof mat: If you have a canvas tent equipped for wood stoves – lucky you! But just as you have a carpet to protect your groundsheet, so should you protect your carpet with a flame-retardant mat. Learn more fire safety tips to protect your tent.

Get Yourself a Tent Carpet – You Won’t Regret It!

In our book, adding carpet is one of the best tent accessories you can own. They not only protect your groundsheet but keeps everyone inside as comfortable as possible, turning your tent into a homier retreat. The great part is that there are endless options out there to fit every need and every budget. 


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Brette DeVore

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