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Staying Warm and Comfortable while Stargazing

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Stargazing leaves you in a state of awe and wonder. But whether you take in the beauty of the night sky and its endless constellations under a stargazing tent or on a boat out at sea, low temperatures can get the better of you and put a damper on your stargazing experience.

Want to stay out longer and see more stars? Here are some tips on staying warm and comfortable while stargazing.

Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy While Stargazing

woman in cozy clothes stargazing with headlamp

Dress in Layers

When temperatures drop at night, you’ll want to be warm. Check to see just how low the temps will go and plan accordingly. Be sure to check temps of the stargazing area you’ll be setting up at too. Stargazing is better at higher elevations, but climbing a mountain means colder temperatures.

And when it comes to any outdoor activity, remember to dress in layers. Wear a moisture-wicking base layer beneath it all, to help regulate body temperature and keep away sweat that can make you feel clammy and cold. Cover that with a fleece or wool jacket, and over everything, an outer layer windbreaker or rain jacket.

Don’t forget accessories like gloves, beanie hats, and scarves too. Wool socks will keep your feet warm and dry.

Speaking of feet, it’s smart to wear boots or closed-toe shoes (think waterproof boots or wellies), even in warm summer months, to prevent trips and falls as you walk around in the dark.

Pack Extra Blankets

You never know just how low nighttime temperatures can drop, so extra thermal blankets are a must-have!

Pack an extra thermal blanket for each person at your stargazing party. Down blankets are a tried-and-true style and work well for insulating body heat. Today, you can even find rechargeable heated blankets to keep you warm and comfortable while stargazing. If you have sleeping bags, those work great too!

Enjoy a Hot Beverage or Warm Dessert

Stay warm and comfortable while stargazing with a hot beverage. A soothing cup of tea, hot cocoa, or coffee can keep you and other folks hydrated and feeling toasty underneath those layers. Consider a caffeinated drink like black tea or coffee, especially if you need that extra pep to stay up into the wee hours to catch those midnight meteor showers.

For a large crowd or family of stargazers, fill up a thermos of hot water. Then, pack some hot cocoa packets, tea bags, or even instant coffee to let everyone help themself to whatever they desire. If it’s just a few folks or a small stargazing party, have each person bring their favorite hot drink in a portable insulated mug.

Be sure to check out our coffee-making tips for instant coffee packet recommendations.

Bring a Chair or Camp Mat

woman in camp chair stargazing at night

If you’ve ever sat on the cold ground at night, you know how quickly it can drain your body heat. Instead, bring a few portable camp chairs or foldable benches to give stargazers a place to rest. A comfy chair that lifts you off the cold earth offers both warmth and ergonomic seating.

Today, you can even find camp chairs designed for stargazing, featuring a way to kick your feet up and lean back. Just grab your handheld telescope or binoculars and you’re all set!

A thick camp mat works well too, providing an insulative layer and barrier against the cold ground. Not only will a camp mat keep you warm, but it can cushion you from rocks or sticks you might not see when you sit down. One tip: bring a towel or something to protect the mat itself, in case the ground is wet or the grass becomes dewy.

Even if you tend to tailgate and sit on the bed of your truck, a camp mat adds extra warmth and a layer between your bum and the cold hard metal.

Bring a Portable Heater

A portable heater is an excellent way to stay warm and comfortable while stargazing. Choose an outdoor-specific portable heater that doesn’t require a generator and has an automatic shut-off feature (in case someone accidentally tips it over in the dark).

Explore our breakdown of top-rated portable heaters to find one suitable for your stargazing adventures and beyond!

Pitch a Shelter

Stay warm while stargazing by protecting yourself against the wind. Wind chill is no joke, especially when you’re at higher elevations or in an open field for that crystal clear view. Wearing a windbreaker layer helps protect you, but consider shielding your stargazing equipment and gear as well with a wind barrier.

Wind barriers can be made rather easily and affordably, using a few household objects like tarps, metal poles, and zip ties or bungee cords. If you’re a handy person and feeling creative, go for it! However, if you want something easy to pop up, giving your stargazing party more time to take in the sky, then we suggest picking up a ready-made shelter.

One great option is the Umbra Sun Shade Canopy Tent. While this canopy is intended to provide shade during daylight hours, it can also create a shelter protecting you from wind. Just set up the telescope and stargazing equipment outside, and step back under for extra warmth. Even better if you place the portable heater beneath to trap the heat!

Fall Asleep Inside a Stargazing Tent

Our Stella Stargazing Tent was made for stargazing! Whether you like to plan your stargazing activities at home or out in the wilderness, Stella offers a roof with a 360-degree see-through clear top and a bug-mesh screen netting to protect you from the elements. You can pitch the Stella Stargazer tent and wake up to the stars.

Enjoy all the wonders of the night sky whenever you wish! Find the ideal size of stargazing tent for you.

Take a look at our three size options:

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Brette DeVore

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